How To Change The Difficulty Level Of A Dungeon In Lost Ark

How To Change The Difficulty Level Of A Dungeon In Lost Ark:

In Lost Ark, which is a free-to-play action MMO based on games like Diablo and World of Warcraft, dungeons are one of the best places to get loot and try to do hard things. It has dozens of different dungeons spread out across its huge open world.

It’s important to know which difficulty is right for you or your group because it can change the experience as well as the rewards you can get in a big way. This guide will show you how to change how hard a dungeon is in Lost Ark.

In just a few days, Lost Ark went from being a huge hit in South Korea to an unbelievable hit all over the world. The free to play MMORPG is breaking records and also being talked about all over the gaming world.

What Are Dungeon Challenges:

Some places, like dungeon raids, will be more complicated depending on how hard the difficulty is. So, if you want a little challenge, just keep reading to find out how to make it more difficult.

How Difficulty In Dungeons Works:

In Lost Ark, each dungeon would then take you or your group to a place that is separate from the rest of the server and has a series of challenging fights with bosses.

The host of the group can choose how hard each dungeon is, but once a dungeon has started, it can’t be changed. When you go into a dungeon, you are going to see a screen that looks like the one shown above.

You can choose from different levels of difficulty, but at first, you will only be able to choose Normal and Hard. Choose the difficulty level that you want to try, then press Matchmaking or Enter to start the dungeon with yourself or your own private group.

All Dungeon Difficulty Differences:

When you choose a dungeon to go into, you’ll see a badge named Recommended Item Level beside the difficulty choice. Then, it will show you your actual item level in white numbers underneath the recommended level in gold numbers.

This gives you a good idea of how ready you are for a certain dungeon. You can still try to clear it if you are about 10-item levels below, but it might not be easy. When it’s about 20 degrees below zero, it can be almost impossible.

On Normal, there will be fewer enemies and they will have much less HP & attack damage. On Hard, you could indeed expect to face a lot more Elite enemies and bosses that are much harder to beat.

But a dungeon will still have the same number of secret items & Makoko seeds. Since the difficulty of Hard mode has gone up a lot, the bonuses are much better and it will make a big difference in your stats.

Why Make Things Harder:

The dungeons in Lost Ark are hard, but they have good rewards. If you make the task harder, the rewards are going to be a lot better. Those who take on the challenge will get better items and more money.

Players who want to level up quickly should avoid dungeons with higher difficulties. Since the increase mostly helps with equipment, it doesn’t expect to be paid off in terms of experience. It’s not a good way to level up quickly because it takes time and there’s a chance of dying.

The recommended level of an item does not go up as the difficulty level goes up. For the dungeon to be doable, the total number of points in a player’s gear should be at or above the recommended level. The challenge can be met by a well-made character who is played well.

How Many Players Can Go Together Into A Dungeon:

A dungeon can be taken on by up to four people at once, and the extra firepower is a huge help. Before making a match, you choose how hard the game is, so make certain that everyone concurs on the choice.


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