How to capture Giratina on Pokémon Go: Raid, weaknesses.

Sinnoh’s legendary Giratina returns in Pokémon Go 5-Star Raids. Check out our guide to help you take advantage of his weaknesses to beat and capture him.

While the Chenapan season continues to fascinate players, the 5 Star Raid Boss Calendar is turned upside down again. Indeed, after Genesect, it is the legendary Pokémon Giratina in its Alternative form that can be encountered in combat.

While Giratina (Original Form) is a PvE champion, her Alternative Form is indeed a top PvP fighter in the Master League and the Hyper League. The Specter and Dragon type is a must have for trainers who want to dominate the GO Battle League. Now is the perfect opportunity to catch one!

Pokémon Go Giratina Raid 5 stars
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Giratina is one of the most legendary Pokémon in the saga. He is especially feared in combat …

The weaknesses of Giratina Alternative Form in Pokémon Go

Giratina is a legendary type Pokémon Dragon and Spectre, which means it is weak against attacks Darkness, Dragon, Fairy, Ghost and Ice. There are a lot of cards to play here, but be careful when using another Dragon-type Pokémon as it will have the same weaknesses as Giratina.

Regarding Giratina’s resistances, there are many… Avoid attacks INSECT, Electric, Fire, Grass, Poison and Water. It is also double resistant to types Combat and Normal. So you know what to avoid at all costs to beat Giratina.

Check out our list below of the best Pokémon and their attacks to take advantage of Giratina’s weaknesses on Pokémon Go. If you don’t have any, focus on your strongest Pokémon that most closely matches its weaknesses.

The best Pokémon to beat Giratina Alternative Form

Pokémon Fast Attack Charged Attack
Mega-Ectoplasm Shadow Claw Shadow Ball
Mega Demolossus Bark Cheating
Rayquaza Draco-Queue Anger
Palkia Draco-Queue Draco-Meteor
Carchacrok Draco-Queue Anger
Dracolosse Draco-Queue Anger
Darumacho de Galar Frost Fangs Avalanche
Lugulabre Punishment Shadow Ball
Dimoret Bark Avalanche
Ectoplasm Licking Shadow Ball

The attacks of Giratina Alternative Form on Pokémon Go

In Alternate Form, Giratina has two Quick Attacks and three potential Charged Attacks. These are mostly Dragon or Specter type moves, but there is a Rock type ability that might change your team.

Here are all of Giratina’s potential attacks (Alternate Form) in Pokémon Go:

  • Draco-Breath (Dragon)
  • Shadow Claw (Spectre)
  • Draco handles (Dragon)
  • Ancient Power (Roche)
  • Drop shadow (Spectre)

There are no very threatening attacks to watch out for here, but remember that Dragon types are sensitive to abilities of the same type. So if you are using a Dragon Pokémon, it will be difficult to deal with Draco-Breath and Draco-Claw attacks.

If you are using an Ice-type counter such as Galar’s Darumacho or Dimoret, you will also need to pay attention to his attack. Ancient Rock-type power.

How to catch Giratina Alternative Form in Pokémon Go?

The only way to add Giratina to your Pokédex is to defeat it in 5 Star Raid combat. Right after your victory you will receive a number of Honor Ball so that you can attempt to capture it.

Pokémon Go Giratina raid 5 stars

Giratina is very powerful on Pokémon Go and that’s no surprise.

The exact number of Honor Ball you get depends on various factors… You can increase this by dealing high damage, participating in Raids with friends, or attacking an Arena occupied by your team.

Giratina Alternative Form will appear in 5 Star Raids in the Tuesday October 12 at 10 a.m. to Friday October 22 at 10 a.m.local time, which means you will have a little over a week to try your luck.

Can Giratina Alternative Form be Shiny on Pokémon?

Yes, Giratina Alternative Shiny Form is available in Pokémon Go. It debuted when it appeared in 5 Star Raids in September 2019. So you can capture Giratina Shiny between October 12 and 22.

However, and it’s no surprise, the odds of getting a Chromatic Legendary Pokémon are extremely low. There is no silver bullet to increase the odds. You will just have to participate in as many Raids as possible and hope to have a minimum of luck. Nothing ventured, nothing gained…

There you go, that’s all you need to know to beat and capture Giratina Forme Alternative in 5 Star Raids! For more advice on Pokémon Go, you can find our other guides on below:

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