How To Access Easy Mode In Wanted, Dead?

How To Access Easy Mode In Wanted: Dead?

Wanted: Dead may be a difficult game to play, both purposefully and accidentally, since the player must conduct sluggish sprints to avoid volleys of enemy gunfire while continually battling the camera. Fortunately, a hidden cheat code allows the player to enter Easy Mode & access each of the mini-games right away.

Is There An Easy Mode In Wanted: Dead?

When players initially start the game, they will be given the option of choosing between Normal & Hard difficulty levels, with a 3rd option, Japanese Hard, being accessible after the game is finished. What many people don’t realize is that Wanted: Dead includes a hidden difficulty option built just for gamer who can’t handle the hectic & fast-paced action of the other 3 modes. This mode is known as Neko Chan, which translates to “Tiny Cat” mode for obvious reasons.

How To Get Wanted: Dead Easy Mode

The Wanted: Dead Easy Mode hack is enabled by performing a precise key sequence upon that title screen. First, hit any button on the title screen to bring up the different choices, such as New Game & Training, next press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, & Right on the d-pad. Once everything is done successfully, a sound effect will play, indicating that Neko-chan Mode has been enabled.

All of the mini-games in Wanted Dead, including Target Practice, the Crane Game, Karaoke, Space Runaway, and Ramen, are automatically unlocked using the cheat code. The Karaoke mini-game is extremely entertaining, since it features the cast performing the original German version of Nena’s “99 Luftballons,” with suggestions that get progressively complicated as the song progresses. Likewise, the Space Runaway game is worth checking out, since it’s a retro-style sci-fi shooter in the tradition of games like R-Type and Zero Wing. They allow the player to take a break from the fast-paced action game-play of Wanted: Dead and relax with their crew.

The main advantage of the cheat code is that it enables Neko-chan Mode, Wanted: Dead’s equivalent of Easy Mode. The player may carry more Stimpacks in Neko-chan mode, and adversaries are simpler to kill. The protagonist will also be wearing cat ears, indicating to the rest of the world that the player chose the easy way out. These cat ears will only display during normal game-play and in a select of Wanted: Dead’s narrative sequences that play between levels.


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