How much does Office 2021 cost? Microsoft unveils it

The day of the official release of Windows 11, Microsoft will also propose to switch to the Office 2021 suite. French prices have not yet been revealed, but we now know the prices in dollars, in order to get an idea of evolution.

As a reminder, the office automation suite Office includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Teams. Several different subscriptions are available. They come to students and businesses alike. Prices move accordingly from the target.

The convergence of Windows 11 and Office 2021 towards the same release date obviously does not mean that the software suite is not compatible with Windows 10. Also, Office 2021 is available on Windows as well as macOS.

The key word of the overhaul is design, consistent with the new Windows 11 graphic charter. But the software suite is also more integrated, interoperable and Microsoft Teams takes advantage of the whole with possibilities for more extensive group work. , relying on PowerPoint, Excel and OneDrive in particular.

Office prices 2021

First, note that only dollar prices are known at this time, but Microsoft should match the same amounts without conversion. For example, la suite Office 2021 “Home and Student” is priced at $ 149.99. In France, we should be able to find her at the price of 149 €.

For professionals, the price is $ 249.99. It is called “Home and Business” and should be able to be displayed at 249 € in France. For larger companies, Microsoft still offers Office LTSC (Long-Term Servicing Channel) which provides five-year follow-up.

To take advantage of Office 2021, it is also possible to use the Microsoft 365 subscription. It costs € 7 per month or € 69 per year. It is also through it that most of the new features of the Office suite are reserved.

As a reminder, another subscription has been available from August 2, 2021 at Microsoft and is called Windows 365. The “PC Cloud” offer makes it possible to no longer hold a Windows license on a single workstation. Customers only subscribe to a virtual PC, stored in the cloud, and which allows their Windows session to be found with their folders and applications anywhere in the world and on any type of device (even iPads).


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