How much do streamers earn on Twitch?

A simple tweet is shaking the social network. This afternoon, Instant Gaming’s Twitter relayed a major leak about Twitch. And especially about the turnover of the most famous streamers. Like the YouTubers a few years ago, the question of the income of these content creators questions and fascinates the greatest number.

Is that a good situation, streamer?

Simple tweet, big consequences. By relaying leaks about the cash flow of Twitch’s biggest streamers between August 2019 and October 2021, Instant Gaming turned Twitter around. So much so that streamer ZeratoR, listed, decided to speak up.

Through a thread, he chose to put things straight on this leak. He begins by confirming these staggering figures. No, there isn’t a zero (or two) too much. But he specifies that it is a question of sales figures and not of own benefits. So no, that’s not what these content creators actually earn. Not all of that money is going straight into their pockets.

Then those impressive numbers include the cachet of the streamers, of course. But in truth, it should be added what they earn from donations from subscribers, derivatives, partnerships and operations. Enough to increase these already colossal sums.

Typically, such revenue allows streamers to re-inject money into large-scale events, materials, or events. In short, to run their business.

For example, ZeratoR co-organizes the Z Event, a weekend charity event bringing together the biggest names in the video game streaming scene. More than 50 hours of streaming. A terrifying job.

The goal is to encourage spectators to mobilize to support an association such as Amnesty International last year or thePastor Institute in 2019. All funds are directly collected by the association in question. The 2020 edition of the Z Event has thus generated more than 5.5 million euros. This makes it the most lucrative event on Twitch, and it’s for a good cause, too..

In short, without a significant turnover, the French streamer could not afford to organize such an event. And he is, of course, not the only one to organize such important events in the video game streaming scene.

Who wants to be the king of streaming!

Finally, as confirmed by streamer and YouTubeur Aypierre, making a living from Twitch is far from easy. Indeed, on Twitter, he recalled that out of 9.2 million active streamers on the platform, only 5,000 earn more than the minimum wage. Likewise, only 2,200 of them have the chance to earn a higher salary than the French average.

If some do not really understand the reality of these content creators, it should be noted that it takes time and work to establish itself in the Twitch game. A bit like people who want to become professional athletes, after all.

Big crisis at Twitch …

In addition to revealing this information about the turnover of Twitch’s biggest streamers, the leak also reveals other personal data, such as banking data and the source code of the platform.

Despite the importance of this leak, Twitch does not seem ready to speak yet. Indeed, the platform’s Twitter account remains silent while the web has been panicking for several hours now.

In doubt, change your Twitch password quickly. The original author of the leak claimed that a second salvo is to be expected and your password may not be safe …

The Twitch Earnings site has just popped up, picking up all the information from this major leak about Twitch. Much easier than poor, low-quality screenshots.


Par : Twitch Interactive, Inc


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