How Many Levels Does Elden Ring Have In New Game Plus?

How Many Levels Does Elden Ring Have In New Game Plus?

The New Game Plus system is a mainstay of Souls games, and once you beat the final boss in Elden Ring, you can use it. After the credits, you can choose to start a new game, which is called “Journey 2.”

If you have unresolved issues in the Lands Between or simply want to explore the world you’ve already conquered, you can still start the next New Game+ cycle at the Roundtable Grab by interacting with the Table of Lost Grace as well as choosing Start Journey 2.

But after you finish a playthrough, how so many times you’re able to do this? Let’s look at how many levels are available in Elden Ring’s New Game Plus.

How Does The New Game Plus From Elden Ring Work?

As you might expect, New Game Plus is unlocked when you beat the last bosses as well as reach one of the three main Elden Ring endings, each of which can be changed in different ways. You will then be asked whether you’d like to start Journey 2 straight away.

The world is going to remain as it was before you went into the room with the final boss. At this point, you can go out into the open world to do whatever you want. You can still go to dungeons, fight optional bosses, and do any NPC side quests that are still available at that point.


If you wish to, you can start New Game Plus right away. If you don’t, the game will end and you’ll be sent back to Roundtable Hold.

Anything you do would then affect where you start out in Journey 2. You may utilize this state to improve weapons as well as spirit ashes, gain levels, get armor and other gear, finish dungeons, as well as find new places in the game.

Keep In Mind:

One thing you can’t do in this state is fight the game’s final battles again or try to get a different ending. Once you’ve seen one ending, the route to a game’s conclusion will be blocked for good.

The only way to go down a different path is to start Journey 2, also called “New Game Plus,” and follow the story you want there. To do this, go to Roundtable Hold as well as rest at the Table of Lost Grace in the middle of the main room.

You already know that this is a normal Site of Grace, but after you beat the final boss, you can come here and press the Begin Journey 2 button to start a New Game Plus at any time.

Level Up For The Elden Ring:

Elden Ring follows this trend, although that takes most of its ideas from Dark Souls 3. This time, your adventures in the Lands Between will still get harder and give you more rewards until you’ve done it eight times.

The final difficulty spike, which is called “NG+7,” is pretty hard compared to a brand new game, but if you’ve been levelling up as you play, it shouldn’t be too hard. Even so, Malenia may continue to be a wall.


Technically, you can keep adding New Game Plus levels after NG+7, but all you’ll get is a new world to explore and a fresh start with all bosses, quests, etc.

You can still play The Elder Scrolls: Elden Ring as many times as you want, collecting weapons, upgrading materials, bossing equipment, and so forth. There are no new limits on how many times you can play.

In other words, if you get to NG+100 and like Elden Ring enough to spend that much time exploring the Lands Between, it will feel the same as NG+7.

You Don’t Have To Do Anything To Join A New Game Plus:

You don’t have to do New Game Plus, of course, as well as the huge Lands Between will still be open to you if you just want to explore the world without getting anything out of it.

New Game Plus cycles also don’t change your PvP experience, because once you unlock an area to invade, you can use it no matter how long you spend doing something else.

How To Gain Levels:

You have to unlock the capacity to level up in the Elden Ring before you can do so. It happens extremely early on, but after an hour or so, you might wonder why you can’t.

You really need Melina to come see you at a Site of Grace. She is the NPC to whom you offer runes to get upgrades for your character.


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