How I became a superhero: Netflix unveils a muscular trailer for the French blockbuster

Directed by Douglas Attal, the film How I became a superhero will land on July 9 on Netflix. Discover the hectic trailer for this superheroic blockbuster in hexagonal sauce below.

How I Became a Superhero Trailer

The big American studios have a stranglehold on the superheroic genre. We think in particular of Marvel Studios or DC Films. A strong competition which did not, however, discourage Douglas Atlas. This one had long wished to achieve a film combining both police investigation and superheroes. This is now done with the feature film How I became a superhero. Which is based on the eponymous Roman written by Gérard Bronner.

The film was supposed to land on October 14, 2020 in theaters. Before being postponed to December 16 and then to April 21, the screening rooms are still closed due to the health situation. Finally, it will be released on July 9 on Netflix. And if we trust the trailer and the synopsis, it promises to be exciting to say the least.

Here are the highlights of the blockbuster. We are in 2020 in the French capital and supermen are an integral part of society. Lieutenant Moreau must then investigate the trivialization of a drug very popular among young people.

How I became a superhero: an XXL casting

And for good reason, it confers superpowers. But overdoses and accidents related to this strange substance are becoming more and more numerous. Moreau and Lieutenant Schaltzmann will then appeal to former vigilantes ranged in order to go up the track to Naja, the villain at the head of the traffic. Except that the lieutenant’s dark past will suddenly reappear …

Big budget, galore special effects, well-crafted plot, French “touch” … All the elements are there to seduce subscribers. Especially since the casting is flashy to say the least. Pio Marmaï will play the role of Lieutenant Moreau alongside Vimala Pons, who will play Lieutenant Cécile Schaltzmann. The main antagonist, Naja, will be played by Swann Arlaud. As for the two superheroes coming to lend a hand to the police, they will be camped by Benoît Poelvoorde (Monté Carlo) and Leïla Bekhti (Callista).

Here is the trailer to wait until next month:


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