How Exactly Does Fortnite’s Storm Surge Mechanic Work?

How Exactly Does Fortnite’s Storm Surge Mechanic Work?

While you’re playing Fortnite, it might be difficult to follow everything that’s going on around you at the same time. After all, Fortnite is a battle royale game that often adds new and exciting content, such as the recent introduction of the Storm Surge ability.

This mechanism was first shown in the livestream for the Fortnite World Cup Open Qualifiers, which took place in the midst of the sixth season. In the following paragraphs, we will provide you with all of the information on Storm Surge that you need in order to be well prepared for when it arrives.

What Does It Mean To Have A Storm Surge:

During World Cup Open Qualifiers matches, the Storm Surge is a kind of game mechanism that will become active if an excessive number of players have been able to stay alive within the rings.

This indicates that it will do harm to the players who’ve already dealt a moderate amount of damage to their rivals in the previous round.

Patch V6.31 included a new mechanic called the Storm Surge, which was designed to coerce players into engaging in combat. You’ll need to be right in the heart of things if you’re going to survive the storm since it directly addresses players who are just providing minimal amounts of damage.

To break it down, when the Storm Surge initially starts, it will target players who have dealt the least amount of damage to their opponents and do damage to those individuals. Because of the potential for it to cause death, you should try to avoid being struck by it as much as possible if you can.

This will drive people into conflicts, which ideally will result in them being eliminated from the game. It will also encourage them to concentrate less on just surviving. The number of players that are still in the game will determine which of the following patterns the Storm Surge will follow.

  1. 60 – closing circle 1
  2. 44 – closing circle 2
  3. 30 – closing circle 3
  4. 20 – closing circle 4
  5. 16 – closing circle 5
  6. 14 – closing circle 6
  7. 12 – closing circle 7
  8. 6 – closing circle 8
  9. 2 – closing circle 9

Players that haven’t been actively causing damage to other players will take damage from the Storm Surge, as was mentioned above. To put it another way, the objective is to rack up the most kills and do the most damage to other players.

To that end, you may want to go out and get something for yourself such as the Mythic Overclocked Pulse Rifle or the Havoc Pump Shotgun, and then simply start firing away.

How Can I Protect My Property From Storm Surge Damage?

The only method to prevent getting damage from the Storm Surge is to be one of the top players who has inflicted the most damage to their rivals. This is the only possible method of preventing taking damage from the Storm Surge.

In the event that you are not one of those players, the Storm Surge will cause you to receive damage. Players are encouraged to play in a more aggressive manner and to eliminate their rivals rather than just trying to stay alive in the game through the use of this game mechanism.


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