How Do I Get Street Fighter 6’s Other Costumes?

How Do I Get Street Fighter 6’s Other Costumes?

Street Fighter 6 has finally come out, and it has a long list of characters that includes both new ones and old favorites. Even though these figures already look cool, you can give them different clothes to make them look even better.

You can get new clothes in Street Fighter 6 in two ways: by paying cash or through playing World Tour. This gives players a lot of ways to get alternate outfits without having to pay more money.

So far, every protagonist only has one different outfit, but Capcom will probably add additional outfits in the future. In this article, we will talk about both ways. Here’s how to get Street Fighter 6’s other outfits.

Street Fighter 6 represents the newest fighting game in a series that has been going on for a long time, and it is definitely one of the best.

In addition, does it improve on the one-on-one fighting it’s known for, yet it additionally adds a lot of new features and game modes that make it a lot easier to get into. It is also very stylish.

Players can change the clothes of their best fighters in Street Fighter 6, but you’ll have work hard to acquire them. This implies that people who want to use the same fighter within a match but can’t get the extra clothes will have to use a different color.

How To Get Different Outfits:

People who bought Street Fighter 6 Ultimate Edition or the Ultimate Pass are going to able to unlock all of the original outfits for the lineup, giving everyone an extra outfit. This is the biggest reason to get the Ultimate Pass, since the extra avatars it gives you won’t be available at launch.

If you don’t want to buy anything Ultimate for Street Fighter 6, you have some other choices. All of the original outfits can be unlocked in the game’s Shop, but each one costs 50 Fighter Coins.

Fighter Coins Are Special Cash In Street Fighter 6:

Fighter Coins are the special cash in Street Fighter 6, and they can only be bought with real-world money. Unlike the colors, you can’t buy the extra outfits with Drive Tickets, which you can get by finishing tasks in the game.

The World Tour mode is the other way to get the new outfits. Once you meet a Street Fighter 6 character, you can do quests for them and build a friendship with them like in Persona by giving them presents.

Help The Newly Acquired Master Will Get You Points:

Helping the newly acquired master will get you points, and to get the standard costume, you’ll require to give them gifts as well as fight battles in their style.

When Street Fighter 6 comes out, there aren’t many outfits or styles, but this won’t be the case for long. Street Fighter 5 was full of microtransactions and cosmetics the whole time it was out, so Street Fighter 6 will soon have a lot of clothes for people who are willing to pay.

The Quickest Way To Get Different Costumes:

The simplest and quickest way to get new outfits is to buy them with special cash, which is called “Fighter Coins” in the game. Open the menu and go to the Shop to view all the things you can buy, such as outfits.

All of the outfits cost 50 Fighter Coins. If you select on one, you’ll be taken to the store on the platform, where you can buy different packages. You can buy 250 Fighter Coins for $5, which give you access to five more outfits.

There are also other packages, such as 610 Fighter Coins for $12, 1,250 Fighter Coins for $24, as well as 2,750 Fighter Coins for $50.

When The Bond Level Is At Its Highest:

The free way takes a lot longer, but people who want to save money should use it. With this way, you have to play the World Tour mode with a certain character until your bond with them is at its highest level in order to unlock their alternate outfit.

World Tour offers a free-roaming RPG mode where you can choose a guide and get to know them when you’re not fighting. As you do tasks with them, your bond levels with them will go up.

When your bond level reaches 100, you can wear their other outfit. The easiest way to level up your bond is to complete tasks, but the quickest approach is to give gifts to your teachers.

Where To Buy All Gifts:

In the Shop, you can buy gifts like tools, toy duckies, and food, among other things.

All gifts will improve the bond level via 1 or 2 points, but to get a +5 bond level, you’ll need to give each character the gift they want most. Each character possesses a favorite gift, so put these gifts at the top of your list to get the most done.

How Much Its Cost To Buy All 20 Gifts?

You’ll need a lot of money to buy 20 of these gifts, which cost between 3,500 and 4,700 in-game currency. Playing minigames is a good way to make money because they can be finished quickly and give out a lot of cash.

Keep in mind that it will cost between 78,000 and 99,000 currency to purchase all the gifts a character needs to reach the highest bond level. After you finish the main story within World Tour mode, it’s best to start working for money.


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