How AirPods Pro led to the arrest of a purse thief

Apple products are quite excellent in terms of geolocation and remote blocking features. You have probably already misplaced an iPhone in the evening… to better find it the next day with force of geolocation, messages, telephone number displayed on the screen and strident ringtone.

In fact, most recent iPhones are not even attractive products for thieves because once locked remotely, an iPhone is practically impossible to use, let alone reset it to its factory settings, which is impossible without an iCloud ID. saved on the device.

Carrying your AirPods Pro in your belongings allows you to geolocate your personal effects in the event of theft

However, since the launch of AirTags, and the Locate function of AirPods Pro, the security dimension of the Apple ecosystem comes out of the iPhone, to protect other accessories, including bags, textiles, objects. All you need to do is have an AirTag on it, or you forgot a pair of AirPods Pro.

As a result, the story of this theft and its outcome will probably not surprise you. Last Friday, a woman had her handbag stolen from her Fiat 500 left with the windows open near Chateaudun. Bag in which was his AirPods Pro. Suddenly, quickly after the flight, she discovers with her companion the exact geolocation of the accessory.

These are near a police station. She then warns the authorities, who find the man in flagrante delicto, to search her handbag. The man would be the alleged author of a series of other petty thefts of the same kind that day. He had been discovered in possession of another backpack containing stolen personal effects.

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And other broken windows in the area suggest that the defendant had tried to chain these petty thefts that day. Thanks to the geolocation of the AirPods Pro, the flagrante delicto was difficult to deny for the person concerned who ultimately did not make any difficulties. The man, a Marcocain national residing in Tarbes, is now the subject of a judicial summons, and will have to comply in the coming days with an obligation to leave French territory.


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