Hospitality and catering: Top 5 qualities to work in the sector!

The hotel and catering sector is recruiting a lot and that, the AFPA has understood. But what are the best qualities to have?

AFPA helps adults to find their way. So, if the hotel and restaurant sector appeals to you, this is the organization to turn to. But do you need to know the qualities to have before taking the plunge? MCE TV explains everything from A to Z!

AFPA offers training in the hotel and catering sector

The hotel and catering sector suffered a lot during Covid-19. Indeed, between the closed hotels and restaurants, this environment has experienced a difficult period. Their aactivity was at a standstill to their great sadness.

Hotels couldn’t open during the pandemic but once the health situation stabilized a bit, customers found it difficult to travel as before. Thus, the hotel and restaurant sector has struggled to recover.

But this branch can count on people who want to join the adventure. This is where the AFPA intervenes by offering training in the hotel and catering industry. The goal : recruit as much as possible to revive tourism.

Every year, France welcomes 80 million tourists. So it is very important for the capital to be operational at all times. So to do this, you need qualified personnel, enough people ready to work all year round. Just that !

The AFPA has several training courses in the hotel and catering industry throughout Ile-de-France. Namely that there are 200,000 establishments specializing in this branch. It remains to be seen which position will be made for you.

The list is long ! There are training courses to become: kitchen manager in collective catering, hotel agent, cook, catering agent, hotel manager or even advise travel stays. Do you still need to have the qualities to fill these positions? MCE TV tells you more!

Hospitality and catering: Top 5 qualities to work in the sector!

The 5 qualities to join this sector

In effect, the hotel and restaurant sector is recruiting a lot, but not just anyone. This branch only takes the cream of the crop. Sort on the shutter, it is therefore necessary to show professionalism, but not only!

Yes, there are above all 5 qualities to have absolutely. Starting with the art of communication is essential.

Knowing how to express yourself in the hotel and catering industry

nerve of war, to work in the hospitality sector, you have to know how to deal with customers. Knowing how to exchange is therefore very important. But that’s not all !

In fact, you have to listen. This sector also requires show diplomacy.

Have a good relationship

You also need to know how to work in a team. Indeed, the hotel and catering sector requires working with customers who are sometimes demanding and to succeed in satisfying them you have to count on a good team spirit.

Yes, because it is the work of several people which makes it possible to make the happiness of the customers. So you need good complementary elements in every hotel.

Self-care in the hospitality industry

Having a good presentation is essential to work in this sector. Being neat, impeccable, this is the basis in the hotel and catering industry. A good look will build customer confidence.

Be independent

As in any team, it is very important to know what you have to do. And even more, when you work in the hospitality industry. The fact of fend for himself and getting a task done without anyone getting behind you drives teamwork forward.

Indeed, for example, a housekeeper prepares a hotel room, behind her, a governess will be able to pass to slip small attentions for its customers, such as chocolates, for example.

To be curious

Last quality to have: be curious. Indeed, seeking to learn more every day makes it possible to better meet the needs of customers. It is therefore essential!

Article produced in partnership with theAFPA.


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