Horizon Forbidden West PS4 / PS5 pre-order: where to buy it at the best price?

Horizon Forbidden West will be released on February 18, 2022 exclusively on PS4 and PS5. And pre-orders have already opened. Here’s where you can get it for the best price.

Horizon Forbidden West

Did you love roaming the vast and hostile universe of Horizon Zero Dawn? Know that The sequel to the action-RPG game will land on February 18, exclusively on PS4 and PS5. It will be called Horizon Forbidden West and will plunge us into the throes of post-apocalyptic California. Once again, this will be an open world where you step into the shoes of Hunter Aloy. Which will have a lot to do to hack and overcome the terrible machines that make the law.

It is already possible to pre-order the game from Sony Interactive Entertainment. We have listed below the different editions of the title, their respective prices and links to order. Good to know: The Horizon Forbidden West PS5 upgrade will finally be free. A decision taken by Sony following an outcry from the community.

Horizon Forbidden West: where to buy it at the best price?

PS4 Standard Edition

The standard version of Horizon Forbidden West retails for a suggested price of 69.99 euros. By pre-ordering it, you will get the Nora Legacy Outfit and Spear.

PS4 Special Edition

To acquire the special edition PS4, you have to pay 79.99 euros. This includes the collector’s Steelbook, an artbook and the soundtrack of the title in digital format. Pre-ordering will allow you to acquire the Nora Legacy Outfit and Spear.

PS5 Standard Edition

The classic PS5 version of the game developed by Guerrilla Games costs 79.99 euros. By pre-ordering it, you’ll get your hands on the Nora Legacy Outfit and Spear.

PS5 Special Edition

The Horizon Forbidden West PS5 Special Edition is priced at $ 89.99. It includes the same content as the PS4 Special Edition (see above). Additionally, pre-ordering will get you the Nora Legacy Outfit and Spear.

PS4 / PS5 Collector’s Edition

This edition includes the dematerialized versions of the PS4 and PS5 versions. It is sold for 210.99 euros at Amazon (199.99 euros at Micromania). There you will find hand-made figures of the robot-mammoth Defense Strike and Aloy (do it yourself), the SteelBook, the soundtrack in digital format, a digital artbook.

But also two weapons (shortbow and slingshot), two outfits (Elite Carja Juggernaut and Elite Nora Lightning), a resource pack (ammunition, potions …), a piece of Attakth Gallop-claw Alpha in the game, unlocked photo mode features (special pose and face paintings), and a digital version of the Sun Falcon graphic novel.

Note that the Regalla edition is now out of stock. Along with all of the items included in the Collector’s Edition, it allowed you to get your hands on a replica of the Focus, a custom plinth, two physical posters, physical versions of Attakth Helionwing and Galloping Claw parts, and a canvas map. To acquire it, you had to invest 269.99 euros.

In addition, it is always possible to opt for the digital deluxe version. This includes all the elements of the collector’s version (except physical objects). It costs 89.99 euros on the PlayStation Store.


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