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HomePod: the first model abandoned due to reliability concerns?

We also said to ourselves… In March 2021, Apple abandon it HomePod open country. Admittedly, the sales of the connected speaker do not burst the ceiling, but the firm of Cupertino is generally pugnacious and does not easily let go of a new product line even when the beginnings are difficult (the Apple Watch is a good example). In his latest blog post Daring Fireballthe journalist and tech specialist John Gruber suggests that it is perhaps not the poor sales of the HomePod that would have pushed Apple to stop the costs but rather… concerns of reliability, even of hardware design!

The argument holds, because indeed, the HomePod support page is filled with complaints from angry users, and we see the same wave of dissatisfaction on the side of the forums on Reddit or on other social networks. The concerns raised range from the most benign (slowness of Siri, connection problems) to the most sensitive (device that no longer works for no apparent reason). Was Apple aware of this random reliability? Without a doubt, and it is indeed possible that the judgment of the HomePod was decided in order to limit the financial damage in the event of class-action lawsuits (quite common in the United States).

Another argument seems to tip the scales in favor of hardware and/or software weakness: Apple has relaunched its HomePod at a higher price than the original, as if the prospect of average sales (due to price) was not not really a problem. But if the low level of sales is not in itself a problem (at least initially) why would Apple have stopped marketing the first model?


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