The Darkoverlord hacking collectively claims to give away some new stuff saying that they are in the business to make money over internet.  “There is and will always be more”.

This response was given to a Hollywood reporter by the DarkOverlord, when he was asked about hacking and leaking the unaired videos of Hollywood and in the wake of Monday’s release there will be a wake of about 8 unaired episodes of the ABC’s Funderome.

Hollywood is under attack ever since this and they have been worried about such offensive acts, they even wrote to the pseudonymous hacking collective to the HR, and the response was that we are in business to make money and not scare anyone.

However the more shocking news is that the DarkOverLord claims to have some of the Hollywood unaired movies and series that are belonging to famous networks like the IFC and the National Geographic and have been previously reported as well.

Only the Netflix, ABC and Disney have refused to pay any ransom amount to them however others have paid their due according to some of the reliable sources.

According to the written material of the hacking collective to the THR, they clearly say that make no mistakes Hollywood is under assault.

The leak of the Steve and Harvey game show was one more sign in the last five weeks that the DarkOverLord is right there and has struck leaving the Hollywood on the edge.

Not only this but about 10 episodes were uploaded of the upcoming series of “Orange is the New black” to the Pirate Bay, however this fifth set of the series isn’t even officially up and won’t be up until Friday.

Many people do not know about the leak of the Funderome and one of the reasons of that is funderome is not popularly known to the people and the officials are however trying to track down the sources of this upload.

One of the well known cyber security sources who bluntly refused to name themselves said in an interview that the ABC was paying for their recent comment that were made by the Bob Iger who is also the CEO of the parent company Disney, he gave away a statement saying that to their knowledge there weren’t hacked, but they did have a threat of being hacked for a movie being stolen.

However this did not happen for real!

The movie Bob Iger was talking about was none other than the “Pirates of Caribbean: dead men tell no tales. The cyber security source said that this statement caused a lot of trouble to the Disney and would have even led to leak of the pirates 5 however the video clip that they had was not really worthy to pay the ransom amount, though the DarkOverLord community was not the group behind the Disney leak the hacker community felt a little knit and affront to all and says the cyber security source.

During it breach of the post production the Darkoverlord took away some more valuable clips and videos that are going to make some real damage to the Hollywood and the TV application industry like Netflix, they picked up videos of the CBS and the Los Angeles and Fox’s New Girl.

Hemanshu Nigam the former federal prospector of online crime in the LA and onetime chief security officer of the new corps says that these hackers are playing a real time tough game that too of the worst kind, they are causing a real damage to the industry after making real threats.

These leaks will have a direct effect on the revenue of the production as the number of the viewers will fall down because of the leak as they spoil the ending.

Not only the production people are hampered but also the viewers are because the pirated videos always have some ransomware and viruses in these videos which people are watching, these leaked pirated content is another effort to hack the fan base of the series and the movies.

The hackers have paired themselves with the pirates and now this team is working to catch hold of all the people who are searching for these duplicate pirated and leaked content over the internet and filling their videos with malwares in order to track or spy on their information and make a wise use of it.

As for a studio who is opting for the demands the FBI of the country says that they cannot always guarantee that the stolen goods will be returned, and the spokesperson of the security said that in some cases the pirates and the hackers do not even restore the files even after the ransom is paid to them.

However the Darkoverlord has denied this completely and said that they always take down the videos from the pirated sites after the ransom is paid and not even a single video uploaded by them has any malwares and viruses which can trouble their audience.

The DarkOverLord ended up saying, “we are professionals, and will always be”.

Now the biggest question is that what is the next big thing that the industry will be doing to stop these acts? Will they keep paying the ransom money?

New policies will be introduced in order to save their content from being leaked? Or the pirated sites which have leaked videos will be banned, whatever will be the end decision the industry has to react to it as fast as possible before making any huge losses.

They have to understand that this issue is sort of an emergency and has o be addressed as soon as they can before making any further losses and we as the citizens have to understand the importance of the production houses and stop viewing the leaked content on such pirated websites as they can even turn out to be harmful for us and it can have malware and viruses that can steal our private information as well.


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