Hollow Knight: Silksong still exists, and it’s Day One on Game Pass

And still no release date…

While fans of Hollow Knight address their prayers to the Great Elders hoping to glean any information sur Silksong every Nintendo Direct or Indie World…that’s when du Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase that Team Cherry has decided to show new images Hornet Adventures.

Quoi ? A release date ? Don’t you find yourself a little too greedy, there? This is the first time that we have images of Hollow Knight: Silksong for ages and you want more? You will learn that the metroidvania will be available in Game Pass on release daybut you will go and brush yourselves to know when.

Do not push, no but…

In fact, Microsoft has confirmed that all games shown during the Showcase will be available within 12 monthswhich may lead to hope that Silksong will come out of our lifetime. At the same time, fans of the game hope a release date reveal in due form during a Nintendo Liveas the natural order of things would have it.


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