Hogwarts Legacy Butterfly Locations

Hogwarts Legacy Butterfly Locations:

Consider locating all the Butterfly kaleidoscopes around the globe map in Hogwarts Legacy if you want to decorate your Room of Requirement with amazing but simple decorations. Butterflies, like Merlin Trials or Treasure Vaults, are locations around the Highlands where you must follow colorful Butterflies to a secret Treasure Chest. The cache shows only after the Butterflies have arrived at their predetermined destination, therefore searching the same location earlier will yield nothing. Some Butterflies would take you a few yards from their starting position, while others may take you for a long walk.

There are 15 Butterfly Places in Hogwarts Legacy. Locating and following all Butterflies would unlock Collection Items, which are necessary for complete collection. You may start gathering them at any moment when Free Roaming, although one spot is sealed behind the Side Quest ‘Follow the Butterflies’ which becomes accessible after the Main Quest ‘Potions Class’.

Interacting With Butterflies:

In Hogwarts Legacy, no Spell is required to “activate” a Butterfly kaleidoscope since the insects will begin flying towards their target as soon as your character touches them. Although using your Broom to chase Butterflies is preferable than pursuing them on foot, it is not required for the Butterflies to move. In other words, you may grab the treasure when they reach the chest. To prevent losing their place, keep an eye on their map symbol in Hogwarts Legacy.

Butterfly Location List:

  • Quest – North Hogwarts Region – 1 Butterfly for Follow the Butterflies Side Quest
  • South Hogwarts Region – 2 Butterflies
  • Hogsmeade Valley – 1 Butterfly
  • North Ford Bog – 1 Butterfly
  • North Hogwarts Region – 1 Butterfly
  • Hogwarts Valley – 3 Butterflies
  • Forbidden Forest – 1 Butterfly
  • Feldcroft Region – 2 Butterflies
  • Poidsear Coast – 2 Butterflies
  • Clagmar Coast – 1 Butterfly

The Search For Butterflies Butterfly Habitat:

Most Hogwarts Legacy players will likely see their first Butterfly kaleidoscope during the “Follow The Butterflies” mission. Talk to Clementine Willardsey, an NPC at The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade, to begin this quest. She will instruct you to follow a Butterfly route north of the Forbidden Forest Floo Flame. The kaleidoscope will direct you to a location in the woods near The Collector’s Cave, beside a clump of Moonstones. To discover Butterfly Treasure Chests in the open world, you do not need to complete this task.

North Ford Bog Butterfly Habitat:

The 2nd Butterfly location is at the top of the globe map in Hogwarts Legacy, near the town of Pitt-Upon-Ford. The kaleidoscope may be found on the northern route running east from the settlement. The Butterfly will lead you through a covered wooden bridge to a riverbank beside a peaceful waterfall.

Location Of The Forbidden Forest Butterfly:

The 3rd Butterfly location in Hogwarts Legacy may be found south of a Little Bandit Camp and northeast of Jackdaws Tomb. The route leads eastward up a rising road to a little abandoned cabin in the woods.

Butterfly Place In The North Hogwarts Region:

Go westward from the East North Hogwarts Region Floo Flame to the Little Bandit Camp near a Niffler Den. Continue the river upstream & keep a watch out for another Butterfly pathway. Keep an eye out for the Loyalist Rangers patrolling the other side of the stream if you’re flying on your Broom.

Hogsmeade Valley Butterfly Reserve;

Afterwards, go to the East Hogsmeade Valley Floo Flame and fly straight south. You will eventually come across some Butterflies near a Mongrel Lair. The path will take you to a nearby Moonstone Pillar Merlin Trial, where the Butterfly Treasure Chest may be found in a tiny area next to a cliff wall.

Butterfly Place In The South Hogwarts Region:

The 6th Butterfly location in Hogwarts Legacy situated on a towering hill southwest of the academy’s vast Quidditch pitch. These Butterfly will lead you to a clearing where 2 big spiders will be irritated by your trespass into their domain.

Butterfly Place In The South Hogwarts Region:

The eighth kaleidoscope of Butterflies is situated in the South Hogwarts Area on a hill south of the route from Aranshire. The trail of this kaleidoscope is one of the simplest to follow, since the insects only go a few yards before spawning the Treasure Chest.

Location Of The Hogwarts Valley Butterfly:

You must explore the railway bridge arch west of the Central Hogwarts Valley Floo Flame & east of the town of Brocburrow to uncover the seventh kaleidoscope of Butterflies. The treasure trail would lead you under the arches and up a neighbouring hill with a view of the railroad lines.

Location Of The Hogwarts Valley Butterfly:

Go to the ruins east of Keenbridge and north of The Mine’s Eye and a Hippogriff Den. Along the river, you’ll locate the 9th Butterfly kaleidoscope as well as its hidden prize.

Location Of The Hogwarts Valley Butterfly:

In Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll find the second Butterfly site west of Keenbridge. It may be located in the valley south of a Diricawl Cave, somewhat west of an Ancient Magic Hotspot ruin.

Butterfly Habitat Feldcroft Region:

Investigate the cliffs southwest of the North Feldcroft Floo Flame, south of a Treasure Vault position, for the next Butterfly location. These Butterflies will lead you down a ridge shelf, so you’ll need to ride your Broom.

Butterfly Habitat Feldcroft Region:

Another Butterfly spot in Hogwarts Legacy’s Feldcroft Area located southeast of the Feldcroft Catacomb Floo Flame, in a Medium Bandit Camp teeming with Ranrok Loyalists.

Location Of The Poidsear Coast Butterfly:

The thirteenth Butterfly kaleidoscope may be found at a Merlin Trial southeast of the Tomb of Treachery and north of Poidsear Castle.

Location Of The Poidsear Coast Butterfly:

Next, quickly proceed to the South Poidsear Coast to discover the fourteenth Butterfly location, which is just outside the Floo Flame’s hut. The Butterfly will lead you through a wooden bridge and along a path to the rear of a crumbling structure facing the sea of Poidsear Coast.

Clagmar Coast Butterfly Finder:

Lastly, go to Clagmar Castle’s fast-travel point and fly northwest to the Medium Bandit Camp atop a hill. A Butterfly path on the shelf south of the campground leads you somewhat down the road before disclosing the prize.


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