H&M competes with Miu Miu and imitates his super hot ski suit!

Miu Miu has launched a whole collection of very expensive ski suits. But H&M has nothing to be ashamed of with its latest collection.

It’s cold in the winter. It’s no secret. But it helps bring snow to some parts of the country. Once a few snowflakes have fallen, many ski fans can hit the slopes. As long as you have a suit to brave the snow and H&M can help you with that in addition to Miu Miu.

Miu Miu and her very expensive jumpsuit

You are probably wondering why the firm could meet your expectations in this area? Just because she seems want to compete with Quechua and other brands specializing in ski clothing.

Indeed, the Swedish firm has just launched a whole collection of ski suits who should find a buyer. Of course, down remains the real basic for the coldest season of the year. But it can also be used to display a different style and H&M understood that.

As a reminder, the Miu Miu brand was the first, this year started a trend for ski suits. Needless to say, the majority of influencers love to go on vacation in the snow.

And to take perfect shots, you have to know how to display a style that throws. It is undoubtedly for this reason that the brand wanted to launch a range of ski suits that can be put forward by those gathering thousands or millions of followers.

Nevertheless, the products offered by Miu Miu are not cheap and not everyone can buy them. For example, one of its quilted coveralls costs around 2100 euros… A very high price that can make more than one cool.

Fortunately, H&M exists and will let you have the same kind of style, but at a lower cost. And if you want to know more about clothes keeping warm, offered by the brand, you just have to go a few lines below.

H&M competes with Miu Miu, emulates super hot ski suit
H&M competes with Miu Miu, emulates super hot ski suit

H&M concurrence Miu Miu

As we let you know, not everyone can afford to buy a jumpsuit from Miu Miu. So the clothing brands, costing much less, wanted to launch their own model. Hence the combination of the Swedish firm.

That of H&M being out of stock in many points of sale in the world. Especially since in the middle of the winter vacation, many people go to ski. And these need warm clothes to equip themselves.

For this reason, for people who cannot afford to serve yourself chez Miu Miu, the brand has found the solution. As we let you know above. She launched her Conscious Premium Selection collection. You can find a beige gray ski suit there.

This quilted jumpsuit is 80% down and 20% feather filled. Which makes it the perfect garment for colder climates and situations. With a price of 149 euros, there are very few units available. And sizes like 40 and 44 are totally sold out.

This is normal given that this H&M product will turn out to be THE piece to wear when going skiing. Especially since you can also wear it to hit the slopes. It remains to be seen if you will have the chance to find one in a point of sale near you.


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