His iPhone stays alive after three days in a river

In the United States, Tom Adams was sailing on the Snake River with his wife. But his kayak overturned, throwing his personal belongings including his iPhone into the water. Surprisingly, his smartphone was finally found in the river three days later… intact. The alarm was even ringing.

His iPhone survives after spending three days in the water
(Credit: Tom Adams)

Water and smartphone do not mix. And it is not the users who had to put a cross on their phone after having inadvertently immersed it who will tell you the opposite. Fortunately, there is a way to make a smartphone that has fallen in water walk again. Better still, manufacturers are now able to develop more and more resistant models. Like the iPhone 12 with an IP68 certification which in theory allows it to withstand water up to 6 meters deep for 30 minutes.

But obviously, Apple’s smartphones would be even more resistant than one might think. An unusual story coming to us from the United States thus makes it possible to abound in this direction. The facts are reported by the local outlet East Idaho News. Tom Adams, his wife and their friends are getting ready to enjoy a pleasant kayak crossing of the Snake River (Idaho). Except that the boat overturned. So much so that Tom loses his new iPhone, his fishing rod, his keys and his wallet in the current.

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IPhone found intact after three days underwater

Equipped with a life jacket, he managed to get out unscathed by swimming back to dry land. But he is obviously greatly annoyed by the loss of his personal effects which he thinks have been lost forever. Hope remains as the Bingham County Search and Rescue Dive Team agrees to help him find his belongings. The opportunity for them to train for future larger interventions such as rescues, says Tom.

Thus, several divers go to the river, three days after Tom’s mishap. And despite the strong current and the time that has passed, one of them manages to quickly get his hands on the keys and the iPhone. His fishing rod is also found a few cables away. “To our astonishment, [le téléphone] was always on! “ Tom says, adding that his Sunday morning alarm clock was still working! However, history does not say which model of iPhone it was.



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