High on Life breaks the 4th wall and some Game Pass records

They only lack speech…

High On Life takes pride of place in the Game Passas Xbox Wire reveals in a dedicated post to the success of the single-player FPS developped by Squanch Games. Indeed, in addition to representing the biggest launch for a game available in Microsoft’s service in 2022the title would also be the biggest launch for a single player gamedoubled to be from a third.

However, it seemed to go badly for High On Lifesuffering from a more than mixed reception with professional reviews. But word-of-mouth channels are impenetrable, and there seems to be a real demand for funny gameseven if they sometimes clearly overdo it, especially in the – unassumed – self-criticism of certain clichés linked to modern video games.

The real problem comes above all from the fact that not everyone is necessarily receptive – or even resilient – ​​to the omnipresent voice of Justin Roiland (Rick & Morty), screenwriter of High On Life et co-founder of Squanch Games. Hey, it takes a lot to make a video game world.

Yes Game Pass seems to enjoy of the surprise success of High On Lifethis does not prevent it from having risen to the top of Steam sales, confirming a little more that Microsoft’s subscription service is not incompatible with the classic market.

Of course, the studio director Mike Fridley it said ravi that High On Life enjoy such a reception thanks au Game Passsince the title is in the boxes of Squanch Games for a while now:

This was our first time releasing a game with Game Pass, and we were blown away by the player response that made us the most popular game on the service today. When Squanch Games was started, it was to make the games we wanted to play, and Game Pass helps us reach gamers who also want to play those games.


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