Here’s why you’re not going to be playing Star Wars Battlefront III anytime soon

Large video game license in the early 2000s, the Star Wars Battlefront license was entitled to two very good opus on PS2, PC, Xbox, PSP and Nintendo DS before falling somewhat into oblivion for ten long years. In 2015, the Force Awakens took place with the reboot of Battlefront on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and a return (in force) of the saga (despite some controversies over the grotesque content with a season pass more complete than the game in himself).

In 2017, EA is putting the cover back with Star Wars Battlefront II still on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Four years after the game’s release, and now that Battlefield 2042 is available, many gamers are hoping for a Star Wars Battlefront III announcement. Alas, it seems badly done.

Star Wars Too Expensive For Electronic Arts?

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When the second opus was released in 2017, Electronic Arts had to report to Disney because of its highly questionable economic model which forced players to buy in order to have a multitude of additional items and make their game interesting. Apart from this little hiccup of gluttony from the American publisher, the two Star Wars Battlefront opuses were very well received by players and the press with a very pleasant gameplay and sumptuous graphics.

Logically, one would have thought that EA was going to ask DICE to take care of a third opus after the release of Battlefield 2042. Unfortunately no, on the contrary, the publisher would have simply refused the project to the teams of DICE, because the Star Wars license is not profitable enough.

Battlefront 3 was a title launched by DICE, but ultimately the title was canceled by EA due to licensing costs.
“It was turned down because it takes 20% more sales to make the same money,” a former developer said.

According to a former DICE developer, the Star Wars license is too expensive for Electronic Arts, and each game requires 20% more sales to bring in the same amount of money as other licenses. To put it simply, Star Wars games are profitable, but not enough compared to other licenses. Although it is not losing money, the company believes it is not making enough money with this license.

This is another very sad example which shows that the envy and the pleasure of the players are not a priority. Pa $$ ion first and foremost.


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