here’s why you shouldn’t fix the camera anywhere

Apple has always insisted that you should have your iPhone repaired by a repairer using original spare parts. And in a support page published recently, the firm once again mentioned the risks associated with the use of non-original parts to repair its products.

More precisely, this one evokes how the replacement of the camera of an iPhone by a part which is not original can impact on the quality of the photos and videos.

“The iPhone camera is designed with iOS software for optimal performance and quality. A non-genuine camera may cause compatibility or performance issues. For example, a problem may occur after an iOS software update that contains camera updates or new camera features”explains Apple.

He also published a list of problems that can occur if a repairer uses non-original spare parts:

  • The camera does not focus correctly or the images are out of focus
  • When using Portrait mode, subject may be out of focus or only partially in focus
  • A third-party app that uses the camera may crash or quit unexpectedly
  • Real-time preview in third-party apps may appear blank or get stuck

And if you buy a used iPhone, since the iOS 15.2 update, you can check the parts and repairs history in Settings > General > About. And on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13, the operating system lets you know if the camera has already been replaced, and to check if these repairs were made with the original parts.

Genuine Apple parts are fortunately becoming more accessible

The good news is that today, it is increasingly easy to find a repairer capable of carrying out iPhone repairs according to the rules of the art, and using parts supplied directly by the firm of Cupertino. Indeed, in addition to providing these parts to authorized repairers, Apple has also opened a program for independent repairers to allow them to have access to documents, training and original parts.

In April, the apple brand went even further by launching its self-repair program in the United States (and a launch in Europe is planned). This new program allows electronics-savvy customers to order the parts and tools needed to repair their iPhones themselves.

Apple has warned, however, that self-repair should only be performed by people with the knowledge to perform such repairs themselves.

“The Apple tools available to customers on the Self Service Repair Store are the same as those used by Apple’s repair network. They are custom-designed to help provide the best repairs for Apple products and are built to withstand the rigors of high-volume professional repair operations where safety and reliability are the top priority. High-quality tools offered by Self Service Repair include torque screwdrivers, repair trays, display and battery presses, and more »Apple said in its announcement.

In addition, other brands, Google and Samsung, also offer self-repair services for the most courageous (or experienced) customers.


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