Here’s How To Get Through Every Heist In GTA 5

Here’s How To Get Through Every Heist In GTA 5:

Heists are complicated story missions in Grand Theft Auto V that can give you a lot of money. As you play thru the campaign, you’ll have to squeeze off five separate heists. Each one will need careful planning and execution.

If you do these jobs well, you could indeed make millions of dollars and decide whether to do them again if you’d like to. This guide tells you the best ways to start a heist, how to set it up, how much money you can get from it, and what crew to use.

Heists are complex plot goals that were introduced in GTA Vice City. They involve planning and carrying out a major crime, usually a theft. But GTA 5, which based its entire story mode on a series of complicated heists, may have made the heist mechanic one of the most popular and well known game mechanics.

Even though it’s been a while since GTA 5 came out, there may still be people playing it for the very first time, especially now that it’s been remastered for next-gen consoles.

All Heists with the Most They Could Steal:

With so much money at stake, you’ll would like to make sure you get as much as possible from each heist in GTA V. Here’s a process guide for completing that task. We’ll talk about spoilers a lot in this article, so that’s not a surprise.

The Jewel Store Job:


Option B


Hacker Rickie Lukens
Gunman Packie McCreary
Driver Karim Denz

If you use Rickie Lukens as your hacker, you’ll be able to stay in the store longer and get all of the jeweler. Packie McCreary would be the best choice for Gunman.

He will do the same work as the others, but he will charge less. To add Packie to a heist crew, you have to finish his random event, in which he robs a store near Franklin’s house as well as requires a getaway driver.

This random thing happens at the Strawberry Dollar Pills Pharmacy. You should never choose Norm as a gunman, because he will crash on the way out, and you will loosing his portion of the cash.

If you select up his bag by driving over it after he crashes, you’ll get more money in the end and want Norm to stick around for future thefts. If you want to get the most money from The Jewel Store Job heist, he is not worth it, and bringing him with you means you can’t use him in other heists.

If you choose Karim Denz as the driver, you really had to ride street bikes instead of dirt bikes during the chase sequence, but it’s worth it. It won’t change what you get, and he’s cheaper than Eddie Toh.

You can expect to make a total of $4,946,153. Michael will get $1,223,073, and Franklin will get $293,539.

The Merry-Weather Heist:


Option A or Option B


No Crew options


It is the second time that Michael De Santa as well as Franklin Clinton have pulled off a heist in GTA 5, and the first time that Trevor Philips has joined them. Trevor asks Michael, Franklin, Wade, as well as Floyd for help on this mission, which is to steal a high-tech device from Merry-weather Security.

For story reasons, there is no money to be made in the Merry-weather Heist, so the player’s performance or choices won’t affect how much money they get. However, this is the first time that all three characters work together to pull off a heist.

The Paleto Score:


Doesn’t apply to this heist


Gunman Packie McCreary/Chef


For this heist, you lose money every time you or your accomplices get shot in the back. You start with $8,016,020, and you ought to be aware of the unavoidable loss of $20,0000 during heist. The best people to bring along for this heist are Packie McCreary and Chef.

If you bring Packie on the jewel store job, his stats will be a little better, so if you obey this guidance for all the heists, make sure you pick him. If you choose Packie as your Gunman, this is going to be taken care of.

If you bring Norm Richards or Daryl Johns, they would be hit by a police car as well as pinned against a wall about halfway thru the mission. You will have to leave them behind lose a third of the money. You will need Norm for later heists, though, so don’t get rid of him.

Your final score for The Paleto Score will boil down to how well you play, so don’t get shot in the back. You should be able to walk away with more than $8 million. Trevor, Franklin, and Michael could get anywhere from $425,000 to $464,000 each.

The Bureau Raid:


Option B


Hacker Rickie Lukens
Gunman Norm Richards
Driver Taliana Martinez/Karim Denz


This GTA 5 heist mission consists of Michael as well as Franklin raiding the FIB headquarters to retrieve incriminating evidence against Steve Haines. Michael might have to do a few side jobs (called “heist setup”) to get the appropriate equipment for the heist.

The main missions are different depending on which strategy you choose in Architect’s Plans, as well as the mission can go one of 2 directions depending on which strategy you choose.

The roof method will be much more profitable because the player will only have to hire three crew members, but no one will die and there will be no casualty costs. Players should be using Rickie Lukens (4%), Daryl Johns (6%), as well as Taliana Martinez (5%) as the hacker, shooter, as well as driver, respectively.

Michael will get nothing because he turned down his share. Franklin, on the other hand, will get between GTA$ 240,000 as well as GTA$ 242,000.

The Big Score:


Option B


Driver #1 [Helicopter] Taliana Martinez
Driver #2 [Train] Karim Denz
Gunman #1 Pick the cheapest option
Gunman #2 Pick the cheapest option

This is the real robbery that all of them have been leading up to, and it will be a huge payday. You could indeed possibly earn over $41,000,000 per character on this heist.

Have Taliana pilot the chopper, she’ll are doing the job just fine as well as won’t lead to every critical problems during the heist. Karim should drive the train because if he flies the helicopter, he will crash it.

For the gunmen, go with the cheapest options, as they cannot mess anything up or cost you any money by getting caught or killed. Option A will give you about $6,000,000 less for a character, so if your goal is to make the most money possible from this heist, you should choose Option B.

Even though how much money you make will depend on how well you do, the above choices will set you up to make the most money possible from each heist.

After that, it all boils down to how well you play through the missions, so don’t be afraid to replay them if something goes very wrong.


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