Here it all begins: a symbolic couple victim of a separation!

Terrible shock in Here it all begins! A couple will shatter against a background of betrayal. Fans are going to have a hard time getting over it!

Terrible blow for the fans of Here it all begins! While they have always known them as a couple, Claire and Olivia are going to separate in a rather terrible way … A heartbreak over theft of revenue. MCETV spies you everything, if you feel like it.

No forgiveness after the trap

Because the Institute is trying to get Louis fired. According to several people, Claire’s son has indeed made a superb recipe for Saint-Jacques… That he allegedly stole Auguste Armand himself. So a witch hunt is set up.

And to check everything, Maxime wants to get his hands on Louis’s notebook. So he introduces himself to Claire’s … But it’s Olivia who opens the door to him. And who then makes the biggest mistake possible in Here It All Begins. Because she trusts him!

Problem, Claire discovers the pot aux roses. She therefore returns to confront her companion. “So like that Maxime was there yesterday only to look for the certificates of Augustus?” “ In a cold anger, Claire seems unstoppable.

Olivia tries to intervene to explain herself, but nothing helps. »Explain to me what? That what you did is disgusting? “ Certain that she was right to let Maxime in, Olivia is still trying to give her version to his companion. Without success.

« You let him go through my stuff and you lied to me looking me straight in the eye. ” Claire seems really disappointed in Here it all begins. The couple vacillates … “But he convinced me that there was something weird”, tries to argue Olivia.

But this argument had no chance of succeeding. “Didn’t it occur to you to call me to talk about it?” “ Olivia starts to steer … “You wouldn’t have believed me anyway … So I thought to myself that it didn’t cost anything to check. «

Here it all begins: a symbolic couple victim of a separation!
Here it all begins: a symbolic couple victim of a separation!

Here it all begins: a shattering separation

The couple seems to be on the verge of implosion. Desperate to protect her family, Claire doesn’t let anything go. Not even for Olivia. “Do you realize that it is my son that you tried to trap ? »

This time, she thinks she has the unstoppable argument. ” Most he tried to steal the recipes of Augustus ! » Still failed, Claire frowns. “He didn’t steal anything, exactly. “ Great moment of incomprehension, therefore, in Here everything begins …

“It’s his handwriting in this notebook, Louis’s mother then explains. Emmanuel and Maxime were wrongly suspected. And you too. Claire… “ But his companion will not surrender. “He could very well have copied it! “

Olivia still tries to explain. Because Louis has all the ideal guilty in that case. “No, but that would make sense! In case someone finds the notebook. Recognize that Louis is ready to do anything to succeed, he has already proven it … “

This time, it’s too much for Claire. “But do you hear yourself there?” I don’t want to hear your lessons. You were on the verge of explaining to me that I am in denial there. “ The couple from Here everything begins is deadlocked: neither of the two women wants to listen to the other.

A great silence ends up breaking the argument … « Either way, we can’t go on anymore, blurted out a determined Claire. You and me, it’s over. We leave it there. I want you to leave my house. “


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