Here is the first electric sports car made in France

By replacing Renault Sport, the Alpine brand is preparing for its 100% electric future. Everything materialized last week with the presentation of a first concept car. With him and his style very little modified compared to the thermal A110, a strong message: Alpine is ready to go electric, without platform or body constraints.

Although it is not yet marketed, it offers France its first electric sports coupe, a segment deserted by most builders again including Porsche (Cayman) and Mazda (MX5).

There is no shortage of ideas and the engineers used this new Alpine “E-Ternité” to show how the sporting world of an ultra-light barquette could be equipped with an electric unit.

The chosen result is a battery consisting of 12 modules intelligently distributed under the floor (4 at the front and 8 at the rear). This equipment is shared with Renault’s Mégane E-Tech and offers a total of 242 hp (178 kW).

Alpine A110 electric

© Alpine

Measured weight gain

Under this body, the Alpine gains in velocity. Its instantaneous torque makes it possible to do better than the classic A110 and its 250 hp. But on the 0 to 100 km/h, the difference is only 0.3 seconds (at 4.5 seconds) due to a weight gain of 258 kg, which is not a detail on a car in this segment. To correct the shot, the concept car adds a convertible roof in carbon. In view of its weight, Alpine says that it was not necessary to review the structure and its rigidity for safety.

Going to ride in an electric Alpine is not planned for now. The only date in sight is 2024 for the marketing of a 100% electric SUV. Difficult to say if the A110 will have a replacement before this deadline.

Alpine E Ternite A110

© Alpine

In any case, the manufacturer wanted to give a maximum of details to add in the tangible aspect: a autonomy announced at 420 km (WLTP cycle), a double-clutch automatic transmission and a passenger compartment with added flax. The car was even given a live demonstration during the Formula 1 French Grand Prix at Le Castellet.

Unusual wink or unfortunate coincidence, the Alpine E-Ternité swaps a name very close to that of the Alpine Eternity, a Singaporean tanker 180 meters. Transporting oil around the world, it was sued in May 2015 by Iranian law enforcement for having had a collision on an oil platform, without paying for the repairs. Since then, the boat has been sailing as “Celsius Roskilde” and is registered in the Marshall Islands.


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