Here Are The Top 10 Mario Party Boards

Here Are The Top 10 Mario Party Boards:

The Nintendo Switch sold additional games compared to any other Nintendo system in the company’s history during the 2021 fiscal year. Mario Party Superstars, which shipped almost seven million copies, was one of the big hits of this record-setting year.

Even though the minigames get more attention, the boards are probably the first thing people think of when they see a Mario Party game on a shelf or when they’re looking for a game to play with a lot of friends.

There are good boards and bad ones, but fans stick to the best ones, which is why Mario Party is still going strong. This article has a list of the 10 finest Mario Party boards ever made.

Mario Party has been a staple game over Nintendo systems for a long time. In the last 23 years, twelve new versions of the game have come out.

Even though all of these games were successful with their Mario-themed board games, there were some boards that stood out from the rest and took the game from fun to spectacular.

Here Is A List Of The 10 Finest Mario Party Boards:

We’ve put together a list of the 10 finest board levels from all 18 Mario Party games. They’re not in a specific order because they’re all the best.

Many fans have a favorite entry, but every single one has its own good points and attracted a strong group of devoted players when it came out, so none of them can be left off this list.

Western Land:

Western Land was the 3rd Mario Party two board on this list, however it didn’t come back in Superstars, which is a shame. Players move through a town with a cowboy theme and a railway track going around it.

If a player is standing upon the track while another player is riding the train, that player will be sent back to the beginning of the board. If you go to the Wiggler shop within the top left area of the board, you can pay 20 coins to have a milk party with all the other players.

This can be helpful if someone is getting too close to a Star. It’s a small change, but it’s enough to maintain the game interesting until the very end.

Shy Guy’s Perplex Express:

This train board has a lot of bends and turns that are all different from each other. Its main style is based on the Wild West. Players can buy a star from the Shy Guy driver at the entrance of the train, but they have to be careful of thieves who steal train pieces in order to get there alongside sufficient coins.

Players on the Perplex Express have to share the same road because there are no intersections. However, this board makes certain that the path was anything but boring.

This board is unexpected and a lot of fun because train cars move around all the time and you can climb on top of it. You can even throw a coin bag into the engine to make a coin-filled smokestack come out if you hit on the right spot.

Woody Woods:

Woody Woods was a board from Mario Party 3 that came back in Mario Party Superstars. It takes place within a forest with Monty Moles that change the way players move when the path splits.

Instead of picking a direction, players have to follow where the turn and who arrived upon a Happening Space tells them to go.

The top left corner of the map was within a darker woodland region where Boo as well as an unfriendly variant of the useful tree players will meet earlier on the board. The different moods in each area keep the game captivating and unique for everyone.

Pagoda Peak:

This Chinese as well as Japanese-inspired board has two dojos in a small town on top of a mountain that is 4,000 years old. The Kung Fu Koopas run the board, and the players’ end goal is to reach the Master Koopa, who sits on top of the mountain and is waiting to make them a star.

Pagoda Peak stands out right away because its theme and structure are so different from the other boards.

The climb up the mountain was dangerous, but the view from the top is worth it. The selling price of the star additionally fluctuates all the time, which makes this board even more complicated and interesting.

Yoshi’s Tropical Island:

Yoshi’s Tropical Island is by far the greatest board from the first Mario Party. When a player lands on a Happening Space, the star as well as Bowser switch places.

This means that players will often switch between two islands. Players have to shell out a toll every time they cross a bridge, which goes up by one coin from the last time it was paid.

If someone possesses sufficient coins, they can trap other individuals on the opposite side of the board. This is a game that should only be played with close friends, because a group might wind up making someone dislike them just because they have more coins.

Goomba’s Greedy Gala:

A board that looks like a casino and has bright lights as well as a roulette wheel is sure to make Mario Party side games as well as fun that people will remember.

All the shops as well as games are run by Goombas, as well as players have to keep an eye on their money so they don’t lose excessively on the gamble. You can even play card games with Goombas to win things.

Themes about casinos always work well, but Goomba’s Greedy Gala does a great job with them.

The bright, flashing lights and party atmosphere of this board make it a sight to see. The Mario twist on cards, slot machines, craps, as well as roulette makes this a great game for anyone who likes Mario Party.

Space Land:

Space Land was another board from Mario Party 2 that came back in Mario Party Superstars. It takes place on a space station alongside a counter in the middle that goes down each time someone steps on it.

When it gets to zero, the Bowser Cannon will shoot a beam across the way in front of it that will take all of the coins from anyone who gets hit by it. If someone has hired the Snifit Patrol, people who fall on a Happening Space are going to run away from fast cards that can set them back.

This belongs to the Rainbow Road of Mario Party boards. It is a professional-level board for the most skilled players who want to win more than just have fun.

Kamek’s Tantalizing Tower:

Kamek’s Tantalising Tower is the only available board in Super Mario Party. It tests players with Chain Chomps as well as Thwomps, but when they reach Toadette, they can buy two stars. The price of stars changes after each buy, which is also a game of chance.

This Super Mario Party board looks great. It has beautiful gold architecture and even a big figure of Kamek. Aside from this, the gameplay was great. There are exciting event places where Toadies can take players to wealth and the Chain Chomp in the middle of the board can attack.

Horror Land:

Horror Land is a board from the original Mario Party 2 that came back in Superstars. On the map, players have to look for Boos in a graveyard. One of the Boos is King Boo, who is able to steal a star from each other player if the player who finds him has 150 coins.

The board often changes between day and night. Depending on what time of day it is, people can use different parts of the board. This pattern of night and day adds an additional layer of strategy to the board which players have to master quickly when they’re going to take benefit of it and win.

Koopa’s Tycoon Town:

In Mario Party 8, Koopa’s Tycoon Town makes everything more dangerous. When MC Ballyhoo introduces it, he says that real estate is an incredibly dangerous game.

Players fight to be in charge of the different hotels surrounding the three blocks, and they can put more stars into them if they want to. Be careful, though, because other gamblers can also raise their bets and take over hotels to be a result.

Koopa’s Tycoon Town has a bright and city-like structure, but the best thing about it is how you play it, which makes it the most enjoyable game in the Mario series.

Players can also drive surrounding the block in Donkey Kong’s hot rod or Koopa’s taxi. There are even secret rooms on the board that players can take over with lucky spots, letting them really run the town.


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