Here Are 16 Hidden Features of the iPhone’s Siri That May Surprise You

Here Are 16 Hidden Features of The iPhone’s Siri That May Surprise You:

With the help of your iPhone’s digital voice assistant, Siri, you can do tasks verbally that would normally require physical action. Make a call hands-free, even while driving, or set a timer for 15 minutes as you multitask in the kitchen with only your voice. Nevertheless, Siri has a lot more potential.

IOS 16 Brings Several New Features:

Apple doesn’t shout from the rooftops about all the stuff Siri can do, and every year the company adds additional voice commands that you may not be familiar with. IOS 16 brings several new features, including the ability to restart your iPhone by just speaking a command.

That’s only the beginning, too. Learn sixteen lesser-known speech commands for Siri to get the most out of your voice assistant. So, you’re interested in discovering how to use your iPhone’s less obvious functions. Find out where you’ve stashed your Wi-Fi passwords on iOS 16 and how to access them all in this helpful read.

Restart Your iPhone:

Restarting your iPhone is frequently all that’s needed to solve software issues, such as an app that keeps crashing or an operating system that’s taking too long to respond. To power down your smartphone, just press and hold the home button and that either volume button for a few seconds, then slide to the left. To power it back on, though, there is a simpler method.
If you’re on iOS 16, you may restart your phone simply by telling Siri, “Restart my phone,” and then answering “Yes” when asked.

Delete an Obnoxious Reminder:

It’s time to get up, but your iPhone is either out of range or buried somewhere in the sofa cushions. You may silence an iPhone alarm with only your voice if you forget to cancel it or snooze it inside the first 15 minutes.
If your alarm is blasting, you can say Siri, “Turn off my alarm,” and it will stop. Saying “Hey Siri” is also an effective way to silence your alarm. Neither of these Siri commands will temporarily silence the alarm as the snooze button would.

Using Find My, You May Track For Long-Lost Loved Ones:

Your friends, family, and loved ones may all be monitored with Find My on Apple devices. You could use Siri to rapidly check the position of the people you’re following with Locate My, such as your love other or siblings.
You could use Siri to rapidly check the position of the people you’re following with Locate My, such as your love other or siblings.
Simply asking Siri, “Where is (contact name)?” will bring up a Find My window at the top of the screen, pinpointing the precise location of the person you asked about. Siri also provides a distance estimate and a rough street address. When you tap the Find My window, you’ll be sent to the Find My app, where you may make contact and find the person’s whereabouts.

You May Save Time By Quickly Accessing Your Saved Login Credentials:

The iCloud Keychain allows you to sync your login information across your iPhone and other Apple devices. If you’ve stored passwords for your Apple ID, websites, and apps on your iOS device, you can retrieve them through Settings > Passwords, but Siri is much faster.

Simply saying “Show me the password for (app/website)” to Siri will take you to the settings page where you can change the password for that particular app or website. You’ll need to unlock your device using Face ID or Touch ID before you can see the password. The credentials may be copied to the clipboard at that point.

Make An Attempt At Translating A Phrase Or Word:

Apple’s Translate function is incorporated into your iPhone in addition to the standalone app, so you can rapidly translate languages from pretty much anywhere on your device, including inside your text messages, within your web browser, and with Siri.

Siri will translate everything you say, whether it’s a single word or a full paragraph. A good illustration would be to state “Change the ” Now my brain aches. Spanish for “I guess I’m going to sleep” “Siri will first read your line out in its original language, then in its translated form. The play button in the Translate box allows you to hear the translation again.

At now, Translate supports 17 languages, including Spanish and Chinese, however not all of them are compatible with Siri.

Location-Based Reminders May Be Set:

If you have an iPhone, the Reminders app is an excellent time-saving tool for keeping track of daily obligations like getting to and from school. phone, write, or buy anything from a computer. You can use Siri to set a location-based reminder for every task on your list, but you probably don’t need a reminder for everything.

Tell Siri, “Remind me to pay my internet bill when I get home,” and a reminder will be set to go off when you get home. You may create a reminder to display on your phone the next time you arrive at home using either Contacts or Maps. Your current location might be anything from your office to the local park, but Siri will require you to validate the address.

Look Up Driving Instructions:

Disoriented after forgetting where you parked at the airport? In a huge parking lot or garage with hundreds of other automobiles, it might be tough to locate your parked vehicle if you didn’t make a mental note of its location. Thankfully, all you have to do is ask Siri on your iPhone and it will tell you exactly where your vehicle is parked.

You may tell Siri to fetch you walking instructions to where it thinks you parked your vehicle by saying “Get me directions to my car,” and it will do so by opening the Maps app. In order to estimate where you parked your vehicle, your iPhone uses data from other devices to which it is connected, such as your car audio, and the pace at which you are travelling.

Provide Further Detail.

Many of Siri’s standard functions may be altered with a more detailed query. Saying “Call [name] on speaker” will put the caller on speakerphone, while “Play on shuffle” will randomly play the specified item from the specified playlist, artist, or album. Or, if you’d rather not drive, inquire about special walking or public transportation instructions. It’s amazing how many everyday activities have room for improvement.

The Tipping Calculator:

Siri is able to solve complex mathematical problems, but its primary purpose is in calculating tips. You may receive a great card explaining the arithmetic by asking something like, “What’s an 18% tip on 67 dollars and 52 cents?” If you add something like, “Split the bill three ways,” the amount that each individual must pay will become clear (along with a fairly useless response about how much the tip is per person).

Adapt Your Device’s Settings:

Many iPhone owners are unaware that Siri may be used to adjust fundamental preferences. Compared to digging through the menus of Control Center or Settings, this may be a lot more convenient. Using voice commands, you can toggle features like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, activate the flashlight, change the volume, toggle Night Shift and Dark Mode, and more. You may offer either absolute (e.g. “Change the volume to 70 percent”) or relative (e.g. “Make the volume quieter”) instructions for adjustments to attributes like brightness and volume.

You may toss a coin, roll some dice, or even consult a Magic 8 8 Ball
Siri is fantastic at objectively weighing options. Indecisive between tacos and burgers? Request a coin toss from Siri. If you tell Siri to “roll a d20,” she’ll do just that, even if you just have a standard set of dice. Siri will act as though you’ve asked it to gamble if you instruct it to roll two dice.

At long last, Siri includes an actual Magic 8 Ball. With only the words “8 Ball,” you’ll get one of 20 answers that approximately correspond to the classic Magic 8 Ball. (You could have better luck if you avoid using the word “magic”). Do you want to give it a shot? It seems likely.

Try To Track Down Some Kind Of Apparatus:

Where did you last put your Apple Watch? Siri can play a sound from any nearby gadget to help you locate it if you misplace it. If you have a HomePod or another Apple gadget and are prone to leaving your iPhone behind, this feature will come in quite useful.

Recognize An Aircraft In The Sky:

When you gaze above, do you ever wonder what kind of aircraft is making that rapid ascent? Thanks to Siri’s integration with Wolfram Alpha, you can now ask the virtual assistant to tell you which aircraft are in the sky above you. Only commercial flights are included, however two helpful charts are provided that detail the airline, aircraft type, altitude, and angle with respect to your location.

Locate And Verify The Owner Of A Misplaced Phone:

Have you ever come upon an iPhone and had no idea what to do with it? To get started, have Siri identify the device. Siri will reveal their identity and provide a restricted contact card if they have a “Me” contact (which is most individuals). The fact that you know the owner’s name will be very helpful to whomever is in charge of lost and found, even if you can’t do much if the phone is locked.

Pick A Nickname That Best Represents Who You Are:

Also, Siri doesn’t have to know your true name if you don’t want it to. By just saying, “Hey Siri, call me by a nickname,” you may have Siri ask you for one. It’s open to almost any interpretation. This will be saved in your contact card’s “Nickname” field, where you may edit or remove it as needed. Tunes, please!

In 2018, Apple purchased the music-identification software Shazam. While the app is still available for download and has many useful features, it is no longer necessary to use it for the sole purpose of identifying a song by its identifying aural characteristics. Siri can identify any music by only listening for a few seconds after you ask it, “what song is this?” In all honesty, it’s not too far off.


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