Health: teenagers are more at risk of being affected by the long Covid?

Our colleagues from Le Temps interviewed a doctor saying more about our health after contracting Covid. Especially among teenagers.

You thought he was gone? However, it is still among us… Indeed, the Covid still exists and remains dangerous for health. Especially since teenagers would be more inclined to contract a long Covid according to a doctor. But why ?

Symptoms that bother

We would like to stop talking about it, but that is not the case. Especially since the virus does a lot of harm to the body after his passage. At least for some cases. And it would be the teenagers who would be the most affected according to a study.

In any case, this is what they know our colleagues from Time. The media has indeed questioned a doctor on the disorders observed in young people. Especially after having the Covid. And the result seems alarming for health.

In particular, there would be abdominal pain. But also trouble concentrating. Or the loss of smell. As well as muscle pain, fatigue, cough. And finally headaches… Symptoms found in nearly 14% of teenagers 12 weeks after Covid-19.

The latter would present at least one of these symptoms. Enough to even more make you worried at college and in schools. As relayed by Le Temps after observing a review by Nature Communications. But chronic health issues would play a big part in that.

In effect, a person with asthma would be more likely to have these types of symptoms. Despite everything, the doctor Idris Guessous tries to qualify things. By arguing the possibility of false negative tests.

Health: teenagers are more at risk of being affected by the long Covid?
Health: teenagers are more at risk of being affected by the long Covid?

Health problems due to Covid-19

“It is not excluded that we have faced false negatives. That being said, the frequently self-reported criteria was fatigue. And trouble concentrating. Now found in the general population« . He let it be known.

And especially among teenagers. The doctor is therefore worried about youth health. However, he specifies that these disorders can, of course, come from Covid-19. But not only. Indeed, it can also be linked to other viruses.

And even related to “Impacts of the pandemic on our mental health”. The mind can have a huge role to play in this. Especially since the pandemic has played a big role in morale. This would explain such results.

Idris Guessous also makes it known that the long Covid would increase over the years. “With the highest prevalence being between 30 and 60 years old”. He added. But these people would not be the only ones to pose health risks.

Indeed, the study may have experienced difficulties in identifying some cases. As “in toddlers. Or among the oldest of the rest. Due to the self-reported nature of the symptoms”. He finally concluded. It remains to be seen what this will give in the coming years. Let’s hope the situation turns in the right direction.