Hawkeye: an inconsistency in the Disney series discovered by the fans!

In the Hawkeye series, an inconsistency questions the most fans of the Marvel universe. Have you noticed it too? We tell you more.

Hawkeye is entitled to his own series on Disney +. And that excites the fans. But they also realize that there can sometimes be certain inconsistencies dyears the series in relation to its history. We explain all this in detail in this article.

Inconsistencies in the series

Fans were able to discover the penultimate episode of the Hawkeye series. And they took out the handkerchiefs. Because during these episodes, the series returned to the relationship that reads this superhero to the Black Widow sadly died in the last Avengers.

His disappearance had left a big void. And the series therefore allows us to dig a little deeper into the relationship between the Falcon’s Eye and the beautiful Natasha. Because we know, the latter had a very close relationship with Clint. She was very important.

But something catches the eye in this episode: the memorial. Indeed, in New York, a memorial was erected in honor of the first Avengers in 2012. The moment when they were simply saving the city from its impending destruction.

Clint goes there and wants to meditate for a moment in front of it. He then removes his hearing aid to have a moment of silence, he, alone with Natasha. He then speaks to her with an open heart and confides in her that he misses her very much.

This scene is very moving. It’s rare to see Hawkeye talk so much. But it is a small inconsistency that also stunned the fans of the series and the Marvel universe. Indeed, a problem arises with the names on the memorial.

Hawkeye: an inconsistency in the Disney series discovered by the fans!
Hawkeye: an inconsistency in the Disney series discovered by the fans!

Hawkeye: a name is missing from the memorial

In this scene from Hawkeye, we can read the different names on the memorial. Are therefore present: Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Thor Odinson, Bruce Banner, Natasha Romanoff and Clint Barton. The first six Avengers everyone knows.

They are therefore on this memorial to pay tribute to their victory against the invaders of New York. Only there is an inconsistency in all of this. In the first episode of Hawkeye, during the musical episode, we find Ant-Man.

And it’s happening at the same time. During the same battle, Ant-Man fights alongside the Avengers. And yet his name is not on the memorial. It doesn’t make sense when you think about it. It should be there alongside the others.

Is it a production error or just a desire on their part to integrate ant man at musical episode ? Either way, Hawkeye’s latest episode should be pretty impressive. Especially since the references to our favorite heroes will be numerous.

The outcome final will take place on December 22. Just before Christmas. We are wondering for the moment how will Kate and Clint get out. But that doesn’t mean they should die. You will have to wait a little bit to find out more.

After this episode, not sure that the Disney series continues. This will have already been a beautiful spin-off in honor of one of the favorite superheroes of Marvel fans.


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