Harry Potter: why JK Rowling will not be present in the flesh?

The reunion of the Harry Potter cast is fast approaching. But will JK Rowling be present for the new episode?

Harry Potter fans are eagerly awaiting their reunion episode. But will JK Rowling be attending Hogwarts? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Harry Potter: fans are curious

It’s no secret that Harry Potter is hugely successful. Since its appearance in bookstores, the global phenomenon is a hit. It must be said that the saga plunges fans into a breathtaking universe. To the delight of the latter therefore.

Magic wands, creatures, potions, flying brooms or even black magic, Harry Potter leaves nothing to chance. And for good reason, JK Rowling really thought through every detail. The latter therefore showed a great imagination.

But in reality the scenario is not the only reason for the success of the saga. And for good reason, the casting is also a sensation. The actors are full of talent and seem to be unanimous. Indeed, fans of the film are very attached to them.

So when the last Harry Potter installment hit the big screen, fans had a hard time saying goodbye. It must be said that these shared the life of the stars of the saga for many years.

But don’t panic, the Harry Potter cast hasn’t said its last word. The actors then met to film an unprecedented episode. Corn Will JK Rowling be there? MCE TV tells you more!

Harry Potter: why JK Rowling will not be present in the flesh?
Harry Potter: why JK Rowling will not be present in the flesh?

JK Rowling in attendance for the reunion?

It’s no secret that the Harry Potter cast got together to film a new episode. Indeed, on the occasion of the 20 years of the release of the first part, the actors have decided to put the small dishes in the big ones. Something to delight the most loyal fans!

Moreover, they will be able to learn more about the actors of Harry Potter. And for good reason, the cast seems determined to indulge. Indeed, the first images of the reunion promise moments rich in revelations.

Many cult actors of the saga have responded. This is the case of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson as well as Rupert Grint. They will then be accompanied by Helena Bonham Carter, Tom Felton, Robbie Coltran, Ralph Fiennes, Gary Oldman, Imelda Staunton, James and Oliver Phelps, Bonnie Wright, Matthew Lewis and Evanna Lynch.

But that’s not all. Indeed, JK Rowling will be there. The Harry Potter author will actually be present thanks to archival footage. It seems that this decision is the choice of the latter.

Indeed, the Harry Potter reunion did count JK Rowling in its ranks. But the latter preferred to decline the invitation and be discreet. As a reminder, the author finds herself in many controversies related to transexuality.

In short, this reunion episode promises to be really rich in twists and turns. Fans of the saga will have to arm themselves with patience a few more hours before discovering the unseen images. They just have to be ready.

See you on January 1, 2022 on Salto. The Harry Potter cast have a lot to reveal. To be continued.


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