Harry Potter: Top 7 Of Harry’s Worst Flaws In The Success Saga!

Harry Potter is the hero of the franchise adapted from the novels by JK Rowling. But like any hero, he has plenty of qualities and flaws.

The Harry Potter saga revolves around the young, bespectacled hero. But, through the franchise, we have seen its qualities as well as its faults. What are Harry’s worst flaws? MCE TV tells you everything!

His obsession with Voldemort

Harry Potter never gives up on a fight against Voldemort. Whether in books or in movies, the hero thus strives to face it, the one he considers a great threat.

His bad mood

Even though he is a hero, we must not forget that Harry Potter is a young teenager. A teenager who can have his mood swings, be sensitive, angry as well as be happy. With the loss of his parents at a young age, This is quite understandable. We all remember his anger at Vernon’s sister in the third installment of the saga.

His revenge

If he is not in conflict with Voldemort, Harry is also in conflict with Draco Malfoy. The two cannot stand since the first film. If he tried to avoid confrontation with him at first, he got sick of it. Which then gave rise to scenes where he seeks revenge on his comrade.

His arrogance

If that’s a trait you don’t really see, Harry Potter can be very arrogant. Nothing to do with Malfoy or Hermione’s arrogance, but the hero tends to believe that he knows better than everyone else. We can take the example where he thought he knew better the use of the Philosopher’s Stone than Professor McGonagall.

His impulsiveness

If this character trait can be a quality, it can quickly turn into a flaw. Sometimes instead of thinking about certain actions, the hero starts without even considering the consequences of his actions.

His guilt

Since the beginning of the saga, Harry Potter has felt guilty knowing that Voldemort was going to attack everyone, just to get him. This protective side with his family and friends then resulted in the final fight with the creature. If it’s not really negative, the hero should never have felt guilty about the existence of this monster.

His lack of awareness

This trait goes hand in hand with his impulsiveness. Each of his actions, Harry Potter doesn’t always think about the consequences it has on others around him. The example where he wishes to face Voldemort alone proves it.

Harry Potter, a hero

But despite all its small flaws, Harry Potter remains one of the favorite characters of the saga. It has as many faults as it does quality.

The hero is brave, intelligent and loyal. We must not forget thathe is good and kind. We can see it, when he saved his cousin while the latter always mistreated him with his parents.

20 years after the first movie came out, fans still love the bespectacled hero as much. It is not for nothing thata meeting around the saga is preparing.

January 1, 2022, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe to reunite on HBO Max to celebrate the anniversary of the film that marked their career.

As for Friends, the return of the Harry Potter trio will air on Salto in France, before being then broadcast on one of the television channels.


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