Harry Potter: Top 10 of the bravest Hufflepuffs of the saga!

They are neither Gryffindor nor Slytherin, and yet, for some, they marked the Harry Potter saga: here is the top 10 Hufflepuffs!

They also marked the Harry Potter saga: the Hufflepuffs are entitled to their top 10! MCETV thus offers you remember the bravest of this house, from Nymphadora Tonks to Rémus Lupine… including the late Cedric Diggory!

Top 10 bravest Hufflepuffs

Nymphadora Tonks

A woman of courage, she thus married Remus Lupine. And this, while everyone was afraid of him. She managed to become a very powerful auror, she becomes one of the centerpieces of the Order of the Phoenix. And also a very good spy in the Ministry of Magic.

Hannah Abbot: In the Footsteps of Harry Potter

Passed by the army of Dumbeldore (and therefore, of Harry Potter) to prefect in fifth year, Hannah becomes a very powerful witch… But above all very courageous, during the seventh year. Because after the death of her mother, she helps Neville Longbottom until the revolt.

Norbert Dragonneau

Fired before the end of his seven years at Hogwarts, Norbert still left his mark on the Hufflepuff house. His war against Grindelwald in fact one of the bravest heroes, and the most unfortunate … But his knowledge in magizoology marked the saga.

Cedric Diggory, concurrent d’Harry Potter

Fans of the films thus remember his terrible death… But Cedric Diggory has a very short story in Harry Potter: he appears and disappears in the same film. He has all the same dared to stand up to Voldemort.

Susan Bones

Not necessarily the best known, she arrives at Hogwarts at the same time as the three heroes of the saga. His grand-parents perished in the first wizarding war… Which prompts her to fight Voldemort from her fifth year onwards.

Harry Potter Top 10 bravest Hufflepuffs of the saga!
Harry Potter Top 10 bravest Hufflepuffs of the saga!

Silvanus Brûlopot

Not necessarily the best known, nor the most esteemed of all Harry Potter teachers, Silvanus shows courage in battle of Hogwarts… He also commands esteem through his knowledge (and his somewhat disproportionate love) of magical creatures.

Ernie Macmillan: Hufflepuff Harry Potter

Hogwarts owes him part of its survival … Because during the evacuation of the castle, Ernie asks Professor McGonagall to defend the rooms. It marks the beginning of the biggest revolt in the Harry Potter saga.

Theseus Dragonneau

Norbert’s older brother also marked the saga. Real inspiration for the battle of Hogwarts, he indeed fought in the first wizarding war. Having become Chief Auror, he never stopped fighting the forces of evil. And he, too, has done Grindelwald a great deal of harm.

Pomona Chourave

One of Harry Potter’s craziest teachers… but one of the most beloved. Funny, touching, she also helped during the battle of Hogwarts with its greatest strength: plants. She thus succeeds in laying traps to slow down the Death Eaters.

Remus Lupine: Harry Potter’s Mentor

Also loved at the end of the saga, as regretted at the end of the battle: Remus Lupine was a brave Hufflepuff. Ready to defend his honor and Hogwarts, he gave everything… Until his life. A real hero.


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