Harry Potter: Rupert Grint could be back in the saga?

On January 1, a special Harry Potter episode will be released. We will also find Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe there.

On January 1st, a special Harry Potter episode will be released on HBO! And it will please millions of fans around the world. The opportunity to see our favorite actors again, 20 years after their debut. But Rupert Grint could he make his comeback in the saga?

Harry Potter: a special episode

Have you seen Friends Reunion? It will be a little the same principle for this special episode of Harry Potter. Indeed, this year celebrates the 20th anniversary of the saga! Finally, films of course! So, for the occasion, HBO is creating a special event.

We will therefore be able to find all our favorite characters at Hogwarts of course! And according to the teasers, there will be Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint but many others! We can see the actress of Luna or that of Neville.

So it promises to be epic for all Harry Potter fans. On January 1, millions will be watching this reunion. Because all have since had very different careers. We suspect that the actors see each other much less.

While for 10 years they grew up together on the Harry Potter set. So we expect a lot of emotion for this special episode. And nothing that the poster makes you want. But does this herald a sequel for the saga?

Because since then Fantastic Beasts came out to recall the universe. But it doesn’t work as well as the franchise would have hoped for. Will they try to revive Harry Potter? And would the actors be coming back for new movies?

Rupert Grint back in the saga?

Nothing is less sure. The actors have all had very different lives. And although they are happy for these ten years, a page has turned. In addition, author JK Rowling never wanted to stretch her successful saga. But what does Rupert Grint think?

Indeed, the question was asked of the Ron actor in Harry Potter. And here is his answer. ” It has been 10 years since we completed the shooting of the last film. Today I have new perspectives. »

He also returns to this special episode. “But this is all pretty crazy and above all extremely fun. So, coming back for another movie, I don’t know. I love this character, I feel so connected to him. So yes, why not. But at the moment, really, I don’t know ”.

We feel a lot of hesitation on the part of the Harry Potter actor. But Rupert Grint concludes: “ Yes believe that we ended the saga at the right time for us “.And it is true that all good things come to an end.

Sometimes, you shouldn’t overdo it otherwise you will be disappointed. A new Harry Potter opus would be very risky. Knowing that the book has an end which is itself very satisfying. For the moment in any case, a sequel is not on the agenda.

But it will surely make all the fans very happy to meet again their favorite actors for this special episode. Are you in a hurry? U.S. too ! Two more weeks to wait before discovering the surprises that we have in store!


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