Harry Potter: Helena Bonham Carter improvised many scenes!

During the Harry Potter reunion, fans were able to learn that Helena Bonham Carter would have improvised many scenes.

At the start of 2022, Harry Potter fans received a nice gift. Indeed, the latter were able to discover the meeting of the actors, 20 years after their success. The opportunity for some of remember many moments. And especially those during which Helena Bonham Carter improvised her scenes.

The talent of an actor

They are not many to know improvise a scene. However, it is partly thanks to this talent that we can recognize an excellent actor. This makes the scene on tour even more magic and successful.

In addition to interpreting Bellatrix Lestrange in Harry Potter, we can also talk about Leonardo Di Caprio and his many improvisations. One of the best known being that of Tarantino’s film, Django Unchained.

The famous scene in which he must give a huge rant for several seconds. And break a glass. Except that the glass in question partly breaks on his hand and opened it to him. The actor in blood nevertheless continued his scene.

This results in a great streak that everyone is enjoying now. And cThe genre of scenes was therefore also part of the saga of JK Rowling. In any case, this is what certain actors of the 8 films were saying.

As a reminder, the character played by Helena Bonham Carter, was his arrival in the 5th part of the saga. But we already heard about it a few films before. This one being described as insane… And capable of torturing wizards and muggles in Harry Potter.

But also holding enormous power. And being part of Voldemort’s best wizards. Add to that its touch of madness … And you get a totally unmanageable witch. And who better than Helena Bonham Carter to play this character?

Harry Potter: Helena Bonham Carter improvised many scenes!
Harry Potter: Helena Bonham Carter improvised many scenes!

Helena Bonham Carter did good for Harry Potter

Whether it’s Emma Watson, Daniel Radcliffe, or even Tom Felton. All of them showed gratitude to the actress. This one having taught them a lot. And allowing them to observe a huge talent. But also much more for the interpreter of Harry Potter.

Indeed during the meeting, the actor playing the hero of the saga made a big revelation. He was confessing something, with Helena Bonham Carter standing right in front of him. In particular the fact of having had a huge crush on her. And would have tried his luck if he had been 10 years older.

Tom Felton, meanwhile, spoke of the many improvisations of the interpreter of Bellatrix Lestrange. According to him, there are many. And that would have made the character even better than he already was.

” Truly, it was very exciting for an actor. To play with an actor like Helena. Indeed, when she was performing on one take… Nothing said that she was going to do the same for another. And that’s what was beautiful ”.

After seeing Harry Potter, you will no doubt agree. To say that the acting of the actress has indeed changed the performance of the character. But in dmany other Helena Bonham Carter films has proven that she can give a certain unexpected side to a character.


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