Happy Chaos turns upside down the Guilty Gear –Strive– roster

Nonchalance is a weapon

Teased on occasion of the Red Bull Kumite held this weekend in Las Vegas, Arc System Works finally unveiled the next character to join le roster de Guilty Gear –Strive–. Without too much surprise, it is about Happy Chaos, the antagonist story mode of the fighting game.

As his personality suggested, Happy Chaos seems to be an atypical fighter to control. After all, who isn’t in a Guilty Gear? Armed with large revolvers, Chaos doesn’t seem really focused on agility, but clones should allow him to guarantee a certain tactic on the ground. Notice to zoning enthusiasts.

While waiting for the traditional gameplay guide which will present it in more detail, Arc System Works confirms that Happy Chaos will be available on November 30 for holders of Season Pass, while its purchase individually will not be possible from December 3.

With Goldlewis Dickinson and Jack’O Valentine, here are already 3 additional characters for Guilty Gear –Strive–. The Season Pass promises two more, but only from 2022, accompanied by new arenas and a new scenario for story mode.

Dataminers have got it right so far and it is quite possible that they already know the last characters to join the GG: Strive roster: Asuka/That Man, and the sulphurous Jam Kuradoberi well known to fans. Considering the success of the last game of Daisuke Ishiwatari, it would be a shame if Strive were limited to only one Season Pass.


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