GTA Online: players want reporting adjustment

GTA Online players have long battled the game’s reporting system, which tends to backfire on regular players rather than cheaters.

It is common knowledge for GTA Online players that it is difficult to stumble upon a game that does not have its fair share of cheats. Although Rockstar has implemented a reporting system to help players deal with it, in their eyes it does more harm than good.

For some time, testimonials have multiplied on the web, while more and more players are paying the price.

Rockstar Games

While the report is meant to thwart GTA Online cheaters, it can sometimes backfire on other players.

Lately the misadventure of a player has strongly reacted to Internet users on Reddit, who urgently demanded an adjustment of the reporting system.

GTA Online’s reporting system backfires on players

While trying to dodge cheaters as best they could, one player realized that GTA Online’s reporting system was not necessarily targeting the right people.

“I have been reported by two cheaters because they failed to destroy my LMAO freighter”, he said, pointing out that he subsequently received a warning.

Its post immediately elicited a strong reaction from players, who expressed their displeasure while sharing their own misadventures.

“The reporting system is completely broken”, said one player, who added that the report of the cheaters apparently had no effect.

“There are so many people in this game who teleport to the map, who are invulnerable, who destroy the game”, said another player. “And are they watching you? Lol. ”

GTA Online has been out for years, and the community has had to contend with everything from people using cheats to disruptive gamers looking to troll rather than play the game.

Players have been clamoring for an overall improvement in the reporting system for some time, as it is regularly used by malicious players against others.

While the popularity of GTA Online shows no signs of slowing down, it remains to be seen if Rockstar will still improve their system in the future.


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