GTA 6: the video game will unveil a new map on the Caribbean?

According to many leaks, the new map of GTA 6 could be in the Caribbean. More information to discover below.

The news is going well on GTA 6. And precisely, a news has just emerged. This concerns the map of the game which, according to some leakers, could be found in the Caribbean. An astonishing fact and we will explain to you why.

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Speaking of rumors and information, you couldn’t miss the most important one. Namely, that of the character who should be playable in the next opus from Rockstar Games. A character who has been arousing debate for a few days.

A debate a bit difficult to understand as the arguments are lacking… Indeed, it is quite simply because the players should be able to play with a female character that anger growls. Some people don’t find it normal to play a woman in this type of game…

However, when we look at the latest female characters published by Rockstar, we have reason to be confident about the idea of ​​​​discovering a new one, what is more, main hero of a game. Just take the example of Red Dead Redemption 2.

In Rockstar’s latest title, Sadie Adler had a lot more courage, not to be rude and use another term, than some other cowboys in the game. So if some are worried about the personality to come in GTA 6 , let them be reassured.

Especially since the introduction of this character comes from several factors. In any case, this is what Jason Schreier of Bloomberg said. The one explaining that many things had changed in the company, and explained this new character.

“The wage difference between men and women would have been significantly reduced”. This shows a very positive step forward for the studio. But also an explanation for the arrival of this character.

GTA 6: the video game will unveil a new map on the Caribbean?
GTA 6: the video game will unveil a new map on the Caribbean?

GTA 6 in the Caribbean?

In addition to this great novelty, others are to be expected. As you can imagine, the fact that GTA is coming to next-gen consoles will bring a lot. Graphics should look great and a journalist confirmed it.

Chris Klippel does indeed know that the new version of the graphics engine from Rockstar Games (RAGE9), can be used for GTA 6. This one “could be quite incredible. We got very positive feedback. You really won’t be disappointed on this point ».

He also adds that the engine in question would be ahead of its time. In short, it promises beautiful moments. Provided the game follows the route. And speaking of roads, which one will you be able to take in GTA 6? If we were talking about Miami, things would have changed.

In effect, according to our colleagues from Comicbook relayed the leaks from Matheusvictorbr. This one made it known that the story could finally take place in the Caribbean. A bit like in RDR 2, when your character found himself exiled in spite of himself on the island.

But if we are talking about the Caribbean, it would above all mean that it would be an adjoining area. As a reminder, this area is next to Miami. It would therefore not be surprising to be able to get there by simply taking a boat.



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