GTA 6: Rockstar studio announces that the FBI is investigating the leak!

According to the Uber blog, the leaker who unveiled images of GTA 6 is currently wanted by the FBI and is risking a lot!

A few days ago, GTA 6 fans were in heaven. Indeed, a leaker by the name of Teapotuberhacker, revealed exclusive images of what would be Rockstar’s next opus. Faced with this complicated situation, the studio would have mandated the FBI.

Leaks that arrive at the wrong time

Fans have been waiting for the studio’s next baby for many years. This is why the R-starred company wants to do things well. And refine his new project in the greatest secrecy.

But Teapotuberhacker decided otherwise. Indeed, this one released videos of GTA 6 on the Web. Videos that caused a real buzz among Internet users. So much so that Rockstar is in trouble. And would even negotiate a deal with the hacker.

In any case, this is what the principal concerned recently made known on the forums of the game. He would have been contacted via Telegram. “I’ll try to read all those answers soon.” I’m looking to negotiate a deal.”. he announced.

A very damaging fact for the studio. This one which promises nice surprises for its new game. By repairing for example bugs from his previous opus. Rockstar wishes to keep its projects secret and this remains normal.

This is why, a few hours after the leaks of the videos, the father of GTA 6 took the floor… via a press release. First, by letting you know: “We have been victims of an intrusion into our network”.

Before continuing: “in which an unauthorized third party gained access to our systems. And took confidential information. In particular the first sequences of development… of the next GTA”.

FBI suing GTA 6 leaker?

The studio did not stop there and also explained: “At this time, we do not anticipate any disruption to our live gaming services. Nor any long-term effect on the development of our current projects. We find ourselves extremely disappointed. May details of our next game have been shared with you. Especially in this way”.

Despite everything, the developers of GTA 6 assure it, “our work on the next Grand Theft Auto game will continue as planned. And we are as determined as ever to provide you, our players… An experience that truly exceeds your expectations.”.

Very upset by what was happening a few days ago… The developers have chosen to go on the offensive. By trying to find the famous leaker. This one also attacked the VTC company Uber a little before.

Besides, on the VTC company blogwe learned that the FBI would be looking for the one who unveiled the images of GTA 6. “It was also reported over the weekend… What this same actor had hacked Rockstar Games« .

Explain the site first before adding: « We are in close coordination with the FBI. But also the US Department of Justice on this issue. And we will continue to support their efforts.”. Better that Teapotuberhacker is well hidden.


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