GTA 6: players would be rewarded with cryptocurrency in some missions

Rumors around GTA 6 are legion. The latest comes from Tom Henderson, a generally well-informed informant about upcoming video games. He thus claims that there will be Bitcoin-style cryptocurrencies in the future Rockstar title.

Bitcoin Ethereum
Bitcoin et Ethereum, image Unsplash

According to the latest leaks, GTA 6 is not about to be released. Leaker Okami notably indicated that it was only scheduled for 2026, at a minimum. Even if this informant has already given exact information in the past (especially on Call of Duty), it is obviously possible that Rockstar surprises us by releasing the game earlier. Either way, rumors continue to rain down on the game, as the American publisher remains silent as a grave.

Another famous informant, Tom Henderson had notably indicated at the beginning of the year that the players will be able to play a female protagonist in GTA 6. And the leaker has just revealed other information on the game to us, obviously to be taken with a grain of salt.

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Cryptocurrency, a big novelty in GTA 6

According to his information, cryptocurrency will appear in the license. Concretely, players will be able to receive Bitcoins after having successfully completed certain missions. He further specifies that this fictitious cryptocurrency will not be called Bitcoin but that it will have all of its characteristics. An appreciable novelty that fits perfectly into the spirit of the times.

Rockstar is always inclined to criticize contemporary culture in its games, so it would not be surprising if it decides to include virtual currencies in GTA 6. Moreover, the purse present in GTA 5 would also be part. It would therefore still be possible to sway the stock market in your favor. Still according to Henderson, there will even be a broker specifically dedicated to cryptocurrency.

What are the other novelties expected in the sixth installment of GTA? It’s likely that the non-playable characters (NPCs) in GTA 6 are a lot smarter than in previous installments. In particular, their driving should be less mechanical. This information comes from a patent filed by Rockstar entitled « System And Method For Virtual Navigation In A Gaming Environment ».


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