GTA 5: Intel makes graphics photorealistic with AI and machine learning

Better than the best of all mods: Intel Labs has developed artificial intelligence that makes GTA 5 game graphics photorealistic. The result is startling. The rendering is totally different from the original game and it even becomes almost difficult to tell if it is a game or real.

GTA 5 IA Intel
GTA 5: before, after. Intel Image

If you can’t help but mod Grand Theft Auto V to make it the most realistic game in history, know that you are not alone. A team of researchers from Intel Labs had fun improving the graphics of the game through artificial intelligence. This new machine learning project, named Enhancing Photorealism Enhancement, transforms the Rockstar title released in 2013 into a totally photorealistic next-gen game.

Intel Labs turns GTA 5 into a photorealistic game

Intel Labs researchers Stephan R. Richter, Hassan Abu Alhaija, and Vladlen Kolten did a colossal job to arrive at transform the graphics of GTA 5. The result, to be discovered below in video, is absolutely surprising. Supercharged thanks to machine learning, the visual aspect of the game is transformed. We are far, very far from the photorealistic mod GTA 5 Redux: the similarities with real life become undeniable.

Intel Intelligent Systems Lab researchers explain that they have mixed one of their artificial intelligences with the Cityscape database. It is a very large bank of images and data from urban environments. Artificial intelligence, supercharged with machine learning and linked to their neural network, then dissected the game’s graphics to overlay all of these images with those of Cityscape. Other adjustments were then necessary to stabilize the whole.

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In addition to a video, the teams published a real research article detailing the experience in great detail. The work done is colossal and will have required several months of research. If the technological prowess of the photorealistic rendering is impressive, we will however denote the fact that the game seems a little less graceful overall.

Let’s take this opportunity to recall that the game map and the GTA 6 release window have been revealed. Sadly, Rockstar’s next game isn’t coming out anytime soon.


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