Grey’s Anatomy: Worst Things Meredith Did Against Cristina!

In Grey’s Anatomy Meredith and Cristina have often supported each other. Unfortunately, they also have a series of bad blows.

While Meredith and Cristina embody one of the best friendships on screen, they haven’t always been kind to each other. Today, the editorial staff therefore reveals the worst low blows that the two young women were able to Grey’s Anatomy. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Grey’s Anatomy a series rich in twists and turns

It has been over 15 years since Grey’s Anatomy delighted fans on the small screen. And for good reason ! The series created by Shonda Rhimes mixes to perfection medical dramas and love stories.

During the different seasons, viewers were able to witness an incalculable number of adventures. Plots that have not failed to punctuate the episodes.

Meredith and Derek ended up bonding and starting a family. For her part, Cristina preferred to leave Seattle Grace. Alex, meanwhile, leave the adventure to join Izzie.

Indeed, some time ago, we learned that the pretty blonde had a child during her affair with the doctor. A news that has very quickly conquered aficionados.

You will have understood it, the couples of Grey’s Anatomy many have melted the hearts of the faithful. But if Cupid has been there from the start, it seems that friendships are also very strong.

And if we have to remember one in particular, this is the bond between Meredith and Cristina. Since the first episode, the two young women have been inseparable. Yet they have not always been kind to each other.

Today, Screen Rant therefore chose to come back to this tumultuous relationship. Here are the worst low blows that the two young women could have done in Grey’s Anatomy. MCE TV tells you more!

Grey's Anatomy: Worst Things Meredith Did Against Cristina!

Meredith and Cristina: A Checkered Friendship

In season 5 of Grey’s Anatomy, residents decide to perform appendectomy directly on a member of their team. A decision that went wrong. When Cristina found herself up against the wall against Webber, Meredith did not come to her defense. A real betrayal that took impact on their relationship. Ouch!

Besides, it is not the first time Meredith had done this. She has proven repeatedly that she is far from a listening ear.

It’s good that when her friend needed her, Derek’s mate was almost always with absent subscribers. And when it came to work, the situation was even worse in Grey’s Anatomy.

Indeed, Meredith has often taken over Cristina in the background. In the very first episode, she is careful not to tell her girlfriend that she will participate alone in the operation of a patient.

And despite her own behavior, Zola’s mom didn’t hesitate to consider its rival as a “shark”. But if the pretty blonde has often been disloyal, it seems that Cristina is not a role model either. There is no need to say, the friendships in Grey’s Anatomy seem to bring a lot of worry. Sacred Meredith!


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