Grey’s Anatomy: why Derek’s ex left the medical series?

In “Grey’s Anatomy,” Derek Sheperd had a short affair with Nurse Rose. A character who quickly left the medical series.

In 17 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, the characters have experienced romances. Fans of the series surely remember the adventure between Derek Sheperd and Rose. MCE TV shows you everything!

Derek and Rose’s love story

If there is a love story that has marked Grey’s Anatomy, it’s good celle de Derek Sheperd et Meredith Grey. But before being married, the two characters each had adventures on their own.

Early fans should remember Rose. The nurse landed in season 4. Friends with Derek, they kiss for the first time after an operation.

A complicated relationship sets in. When the surgeon decides to get back together with Meredith, he leaves the young woman before coming back towards her. Doctor Gray then found out that Derek had dated Rose.

Very quickly, the story turns short. The nurse even hates Dr. Derek Sheperd. During an episode, by handing him surgical tools, she injures him. She then decides to leave the hospital and to move towards a position in pediatrics.

In the book How to save a life : The Inside Story of Grey’s Anatomy, actress Lauren Stamile then unveiled the reasons for his departure from the Serie.

« I wanted to stay on the show forever. But Rose had achieved her goal in moving the story forward. She knew Meredith and Derek should be together and its presence was problematic ”.

She added: “ The best decision for her was to get out. I think it showed that Rose had integrity and self-awareness and i appreciate that ». A departure that left the field open to Derek and Meredith to know the true love in Grey’s Anatomy !

Grey's Anatomy: why Derek's ex left the medical series?
Grey’s Anatomy: why Derek’s ex left the medical series?

No episodes of Grey’s Anatomy

The new season of Grey’s Anatomy started on September 30th. While fans are thrilled with his return, he shouldn’t be expected to a new episode next week. MCE TV tells you more!

In the last episode aired on October 21, We then got to see Addison Montgomery again after leaving Seattle Grace at the end of Season 3. Nonetheless, she had made a few appearances in subsequent seasons.

Most fans will have to wait before seeing more. The next three weeks, no episode of Grey’s Anatomy will not be broadcast. MCE TV shows you everything.

ABC celebrates Halloween. The films will then be in the spotlight! And the chain counts make children happy by broadcasting Toy Story 4.

But do not worry ! Grey’s Anatomy will then come back on Thursday 11 November. A promo video of the next episode reveals that there will be a crossover with Station 19. Two explosions will wreak havoc and possibly death. And it could be that Ben Warren is one of the victims.

Teddy Altman and Owen Hunt then prepare to rescue the injured. Meredith Gray seems worried, Megan Hunt in tears … the episode promises to be upsetting. And finally, the trailer specifies that « not everyone will survive ».


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