Grey’s Anatomy: Top 7 of the best general surgeons!

Today we unveil our top 7 of the best general surgeons, ranked since the beginning of the cult series Grey’s Anatomy!

Grey’s Anatomy is full of many qualified and talented general surgeons. But if fans had to choose, which surgeon would be the best? MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Top 7 Best General Surgeons in Grey’s Anatomy

In the cult series Grey’s Anatomy, fans saw many highly talented general surgeons adorn the hallways du Grey Sloan Memorial. Sans surprise !

And yes, because this service works very well. He also seems to be the best prepared of all. But if fans had to choose which surgeon is the best, which one would they choose?

This is a pretty difficult question because the fans think that each general surgeon is unique. And for good reason…

Meredith et Ellis Gray make history for their exploits. Miranda Bailey and Richard Webber have also changed the course of medicine by creating free clinics and publishing more than innovative articles …

7 : Dave is a general surgeon treating after the merger of Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. He thus attended ultra important interventions in the show of Grey’s Anatomy.

Remember! Without trust and care Dave’s for patients, some surgeries could have gone another way.

6 : Andrew DeLuca decided going to medical school after being a paramedic. He thus became a student with Meredith Gray and Richard Webber.

Andrew DeLuca was chosen as chief resident. During the series, he knew who was where and the needs of his colleagues, proving that he really deserved this role!

Grey's Anatomy: Top 7 of the best general surgeons!
Grey’s Anatomy: Top 7 of the best general surgeons!

Top 7 (suite)

5 : Jo Wilson has moved to become a resident in Obstetrics and Gynecology, but was originally a general surgeon. During her 8 seasons on Grey’s Anatomy, fans really enjoyed seeing Jo succeed and become the Chief Resident before a General was present.

But that’s not all ! She also worked with Meredith Gray on his very advanced research and received the Miranda Bailey scholarship!

4 : Miranda Bailey has become one of the best to walk the corridors of Gray Sloan. Over the course of Grey’s Anatomy’s 17 seasons, fans have seen Bailey fill several key roles!

His harsh methods of love have also made some of the best doctors their hospital has ever seen. Indeed, she has always pushed her interns and residents to think outside the box.

3 : Meredith Gray has become the most talented and the most ardent of all. Although her mother’s reputation weighs on her, Meredith ultimately managed to find her place!

Putting her name in medical journals and on innovation projects in surgery, she realized that she could run for the name Gray in many new ways.

2 : Richard Webber had one of the roles most influential of the series. His accomplishments are everywhere.

What makes Richard Webber a Dr. si fort ? His experience and his patience.

1: The famous Ellis Gray was, on the other hand, known and renowned throughout the world. Without surprise !

She saved lives thanks to the research she conducted! Even after his death, his name continues to make the buzz in the middle !