Grey’s Anatomy: Top 10 inconsistencies found by fans of the show!

The biggest fans of the Grey’s Anatomy series have found some inconsistencies in the medical show. We reveal 10 of them to you!

Grey’s Anatomy fans have found inconsistencies in the scenario of their favorite series! MCE TV unveils 10 of them.

Inconsistencies in Grey’s Anatomy

The series Grey’s Anatomy has been airing since March 2005! In 2021, the series is set to unveil its 18th season. And if you think the medical show isn’t as popular anymore, then you’d be wrong! Indeed, its popularity has not aged a bit.

So, for a series that has gone on for so long, there are bound to be some errors and inconsistencies. It must be said that in 16 years, things have happened! But that’s without counting on the fans of Grey’s Anatomy who miss absolutely nothing!

Indeed, they detected some errors. Starting with Maggie’s career. Fans often debate that she accomplished so much at such a young age. But the young woman had mentioned that she had learned to do coronary bypass surgery at the age of 20. An incredible feat that proves that she is very talented.

There’s also the fact that Cristina Yang didn’t win the Harper Avery Award. Everyone then cried conspiracy! Fans then got carried away when Meredith won it a few years later.

Fans weren’t happy with the way the show treated Amelia’s tumor. Remember that the young woman went back to work 4 days after the tumor was removed… which is therefore not very consistent in the eyes of the fans.

They also find it bizarre that Izzie was never punished for cutting Denny’s LVAD thread.

Grey's Anatomy: Top 10 inconsistencies found by fans of the show!

Errors in the scenario

At the start of the Grey’s Anatomy series, April amazed fans when she gave in to temptation with Jackson. However, the young woman has always seemed very attached to religion. This act is therefore not consistent with his convictions.

Grey’s Anatomy fans also had mixed views when Arizona took custody of Sofia. Since she got custody of their daughter, why did she let her go? Callie in New York with their child?

During Season 10, Bailey was diagnosed with OCD. The latter blamed herself after the death of a patient. At the end of the season, his OCD disappeared, as if by magic. Later, we understand that the young woman continues to live with her diagnosis and takes drugs to manage it.

After he left, Izzie left Alex with a huge debt. Yet these have disappeared without ever knowing how!

Another inconsistency was detected when Cristina Yang left the series. Eh yes. The young woman was given a whole hospital to manage. But be careful, you have to specify that it is a research hospital!

Finally, Meredith and Derek’s last kiss is actually not the last that the young woman remembers. Indeed, the last one took place in the hospital. A little detail that did not escape the fans!


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