Grey’s Anatomy: this common point between Mark and Cal Jacobs of Euphoria!

In an interview for Glamor, Grey’s Anatomy actor Eric Dane spotted similarities between Euphoria’s Mark and Cal Jacobs

Many fans struggled to dry their tears in 2012. Date Eric Dane left the show Grey’s Anatomy. Fortunately for his “fervent supporters”, they were able to find it in another much loved series: Euphoria.

Similarities between the two characters?

If you could see both projects, you could see that the two characters are at the antipodes. In the medical series, the actor plays a handsome man who can melt any woman. This earned him some concerns.

In Euphoria, he plays a suburban dad named Cal Jacobs, the father of Nate (Jacob Elordi). He’s a successful businessman with a dark secret: he meets people online and sleeps with them in a motel. Nothing to see with Grey’s Anatomy, you will tell us.

And you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. Yet, as we let you know, Eric Dane feels there are many similarities between his two roles. No doubt thanks to the first scene of his character’s presentation.

Indeed, his body would be the common point between the two roles that have been entrusted to him. The first time he appears in the seriesABC, “Mark” appears naked, with a towel around his body. And it is the same, or almost, in the other series.

Since it is during a carnal pleasure scene that he appears for the first time in the other project in which he plays after 2012. He also came back to this common point. In an interview for Glamour, he explained:

« The common denominator is that I am naked. But it’s much deeper than that. With Mark Sloan, it was absolutely more of an aesthetic, and with Cal Jacobs, it’s more something that I want to “control” “. Let the actor know Grey’s Anatomy.

Grey's Anatomy: this common point between Mark and Cal Jacobs of Euphoria!
Grey’s Anatomy: this common point between Mark and Cal Jacobs of Euphoria!

What Grey’s Anatomy and Euphoria have in common

While he’s pretty happy with that common ground, after this shoot, Eric Dane wanted to move away from that kind of role. The roles in which he played hyper masculine characters. He now seeks to play more “worked” people.

The actor of Grey’s Anatomy, explaining in particular:“I love this character. I do not just didn’t want to play this guy for the rest of my life. It’s counter-intuitive compared to what any actor wants to do with his career ”.

In Euphoria, the role was meant to be different. But Eric Dane would have understood immediately: “I know what it’s like to lead a double life. Having secrets and having to live keeping people’s secrets. “

The actor of Grey’s Anatomy making a funny revelation: « I used to have alcoholism problems, drug addiction, mental health… And I know what it’s like to have a “facade” to hide all of that. “

On the other hand, the shooting of season 2 of the series had to stop because of the Covid-19. But she picked up soon after as Eric Dane reported: “We are resuming shooting season 2. I’m sure it will be out soon.” “


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