Grey’s Anatomy: this actor who almost played the role of Derek!

Grey’s Anatomy is still at the heart of a controversy. Originally, Derek was to be played by an actor other than Patrick Dempsey.

In Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo seems to be pulling the strings. The actress who plays Meredith Gray refused to allow Isaiah Washington to play the character of Derek Shepherd. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z!

Grey’s Anatomy finally back on ABC

After an endless wait, fans of the series Grey’s Anatomy were finally able to find the Gray Sloan Memorial Hospital team.

Good news since season 17 had left aficionados speechless. Indeed, while the heroine was confined in a hospital bed because of covid-19, the latter received a visit from former comrades.

Among them: Lexie Gray, Mark Sloan, George O’Malley, but also and above all Derek Shepherd. An appearance that did not fail to cause a sensation with viewers.

And for a very simple reason. The young woman’s husband returned from the afterlife in order to ask him to turn the page. Since the death of her companion, Meredith tries as best she can to pick up the slope.

This time it seems so to have the green light from her husband to move on. So much so that a rumor is already stirring up the Web about a possible new relationship.

Eh yes ! Derek, Zola and Ellis’ mom just might fall under the charms of Dr. Hayes. A love story that should punctuate the new episodes. Just that !

In any case, this is what Meg Marinis had suggested during an interview for TVLine. The producer of Grey’s Anatomy had thus declared:

“I don’t think she’s actively looking for love, but does that mean won’t love find her? » A question which then gave rise to many theories.

One thing is certain is that love will indeed be there in this new season. Notably with the Hunt and Altman couple, but also with Maggie and Winston.

Grey's Anatomy: this actor who almost played the role of Derek!
Grey’s Anatomy: this actor who almost played the role of Derek!

Isaiah Washington devait incarner Derek Shepherd

But while season 18 has just debuted on ABC, a new revelation has just ignited the Web. Indeed, it would seem that the release of the book How To Save a Life: The Inside Story of Grey’s Anatomy stirs up a lot of history from the past.

After having learned the real reasons for the departure of Patrick Dempsey, it is therefore the turn ofanother twist to resurface. And the least we can say is that the latter is amazing.

According to information gathered in Lynette Rice’s book, Ellen Pompeo would have refused thatIsaiah Washington slips into the shoes of Derek Shepherd.

The one who plays Dr. Preston Burke confides. ” There’s a rumor or something that Ellen didn’t want me to be her lover, because she had a black boyfriend. »

And to continue: ” I guess she hinted that her boyfriend maybe had a problem with her doing romantic and sex scenes with me, so she felt uncomfortable … I supported her with that. “

It seems that Ellen Pompeo is indeed the head of Grey’s Anatomy. The actress has been directing the series since its inception on the small screen!