Grey’s Anatomy: the return of former characters marks the end of the show?

After 18 seasons, the return of old characters in Grey’s Anatomy may well mark the definitive end of the medical series!

Grey’s Anatomy fans have been wondering when the medical series will end for several years. This time, the return of old characters could totally sign the end of the show.

A season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy eagerly awaited

Grey’s Anatomy is the longest medical series of all. While fans thought Season 17 would be the last, the writers announced that there would still be a new season in a few weeks.

Grey’s Anatomy fans are therefore preparing for a new season. As for the previous one, old characters will make their comeback. As a reminder, Derek is returned after many years.

Derek has died in a car accident and has made a comeback in Meredith’s dreams. It is also the case of George, who died after a bus accident, of Lexie died after a plane crash. Et de Mark Sloan.

The latter let himself die after having lost Lexie in the plane crash. Another character has also returned. This is April. The latter also marked the departure of a cult figure: Jackson.

DeLuca also left Grey’s Anatomy. He was killed after pursuing a human trafficker. After these returns and departures, fans thought that the medical series was about to end.

Shortly before the end of the series, the writers have announced the arrival of a season 18. Some people wonder what topics the following will be able to address. One thing is certain, old characters will still come back.

Grey's Anatomy: the return of former characters marks the end of the show?

The end of the medical series?

In season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy, Addison Montgomery, Megan Hunt and Ellis Gray will make their comeback. Addison landed in season 1. She left the medical series in season 8. Some people wonder for what reasons she returns.

For her part, Megan Hunt is Owen’s sister. Disappeared for 10 years, the young woman made her comeback in the last seasons of Grey’s Anatomy. She left the show with her ex-fiancé Nathan Riggs (Grey’s Anatomy).

Megan Hunt is going to see her again for her brother’s wedding. Finally, Ellis Gray is also known to be Meredith’s mother. The two had a very strange relationship. But every time she comes she marks a milestone in her daughter’s life.

Ellis Gray might as well make a comeback for the medical series farewell. At the end of Season 17, Meredith resumed a normal life. After having the Covid, she became director of the resident program.

The reason ? So Meredith (Grey’s Anatomy) might never be able to operate. So it could be that Meredith leaves the hospital. His departure would therefore mark the end of the medical series.

After 18 seasons, fans won’t be surprised if the show comes to an end. You will still need to be patient before knowing more. One thing is certain, the series has brought together a large fan base over the years.

If some fans hope to see Ellen Pompeo in another role, the latter announced that her career would end with Grey’s Anatomy.