Grey’s Anatomy: The most iconic scene still pleases fans?

Grey’s Anatomy has seen 17 seasons, soon to be 18 … But fans continue to recall scenes as if it were yesterday.

So what’s your favorite scene from Grey’s Anatomy? Difficult question, because in 17 seasons, there have been beautiful moments, sad moments … But the fans have some emblematic scenes in mind. MCETV tells you more.

Meredith and Derek, an obvious choice?

And when fans have to choose one scene, they choose more than one. But many say that the love between Meredith and Derek has created a lot of tension and beautiful moments. Starting with the first minutes of the series.

The nostalgic indeed remember of this meeting in a bar. Neither Meredith nor Derek expects to meet the other the next day… at work. Beautiful images, but a lot of embarrassment: this scene started the series.

Because Grey’s Anatomy has long represented the impossible love between the two doctors. But for different reasons. First for this link of superiority in the hierarchy. But then for strong character differences.

We remember episode 5 of season 2, where Meredith begs Derek to choose her. While Addison seems on the way to reunite with her ex-husband, Meredith makes an anthology scene, a long speech with a mythical phrase: ” choose me “.

But one of the scenes most remembered by fans comes in season 3. During episode 8, a ferry accident on the port of Seattle upsets the hospital. And Meredith has to get there.

As she walks on the deck of a boat, the doctor stumbles and falls into the water icy. There followed minutes that traumatized Grey’s Anatomy fans. But that made them cry, too.

Sinking Meredith ends up letting go. A suicidal urge that she links to that of her mother when she was little. Later, she will also realize that her mother was only calling for help.

Grey's Anatomy: The most iconic scene still pleases fans?
Grey’s Anatomy: The most iconic scene still pleases fans?

The mythical scenes of Grey’s Anatomy

In icy water, the scene lasts a long time. Long time. Fans see this way their heroine gradually fall into the icy water. Then she indulges in an internal argument. Does she have to live if she wants to die?

It will thus be necessary two decisive interventions for Meredith to survive. On the one hand, a dialogue that has marked the fans: that with his mother, who insists that she must not die. A founding moment of Grey’s Anatomy.

While Meredith has known for a long time a complex with regard to his mother and from her condition, she ends up accepting the situation. This terrible moment allows Meredith to hold on under the water on one side. But also to move forward.

She puts an end to her maternal complexes to move forward. But the rest of the scene also upset fans of Grey’s Anatomy. As a savior, Derek does indeed arrive to keep her love from drowning

Livid, on the verge of death, Meredith finds herself out of the water thanks to Derek’s strength, intuition, and love. She is saved. Not just humanly, but psychologically. This scene, fans are unlikely to forget.