Grey’s Anatomy: the departure of Patrick Dempsey beneficial to Ellen Pompeo?

In Grey’s Anatomy, fans saw many departures. But, that of Patrick Dempsey was certainly the hardest!

During the 17 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, the departures of characters have multiplied to make way To others. But, it could be that that of Patrick Dempsey would have been rather beneficial to Ellen Pompeo. MCE TV shows you everything!

Patrick Dempsey’s departure

The departure of Doctor Mamour in Grey’s Anatomy was a real surprise to the fans. The series then lost one of its characters mythical.

In a given interview To TV-Leisure, Patrick Dempsey had confided: « It had become difficult for me to reconcile the hours spent on the set from the series, my passion for cars and my family life ».

The actor then criticized the pace of the shoot. He had to shoot 6 days a week and at least 17 hours a day. A dynamic that has become toxic which has forced him to stop.

But, according to some rumors, it seems that designer Shonda Rhimes decided to part ways with the actor. The latter would have cheated on his wife, a close friend of the producer. Just that !

No longer able to reconcile his family and professional life, Patrick Dempsey chose to leave. He then leaves behind his co-star in Grey’s Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo.

But it seems that it was rather beneficial for the actress. She then struggled for have a salary increase. And it really paid off. MCE TV tells you more!

In 2017, it signed an agreement for earn $ 575,000 per episode, or $ 20 million in one season. Nothing but that !

Became one of the producers of Grey’s Anatomy, Forbes placed Ellen Pompeo in the list of highest paid TV actresses in 2020, with $ 22 million earned last year.

Grey’s Anatomy sans Jesse Williams

If the departure of Patrick Dempsey in Grey’s Anatomy surprised more than one, Jesse Williams’ one was even more shocking. MCE TV tells you more!

For 11 seasons, Jesse Williams played the role of Jackson Avery. An appreciated role, which could admire the beautiful eyes and the cute smile of the actor.

But, to the chagrin of spectators of Grey’s Anatomy, he chose to leave of his own free will To the outcome of season 17. So fans won’t see it in the next season.

The actor then wanted to devote himself to his projects. Besides, he will star in an action movie Secret Headquarters, as he had confirmed in his Instagram story. Just that !

A feature film produced by Paramount Pictures. At his side, we will find Owen Wilson and Michael Peña. The film is then scheduled for August 12, 2022. MCE TV shows you everything.

The story revolves around a child who discovers the secret seat of the world’s most powerful superhero hidden under his house and must defend it with his group of friends when bad guys attack. According to Deadline, Jesse Williams could play the bad guy in the movie.

A very different role from his character in Grey’s Anatomy. And, the actor never denied wanting to try his luck on Broadway!