Grey’s Anatomy: ‘Teen Wolf’ actress joins season 19!

Our colleagues from Purebreak have just announced that an actress from Teen Wolf had just joined the cast of Grey’s Anatomy.

Grey’s Anatomy and Teen Wolf fans will be delighted. Indeed, an actress from the last series will soon land in the famous production of Shonda Rhimes. But who is it? Just scroll down a few lines to get the answer.

An actress considered suicide

But before talking about this new face, let’s talk about a well-known one from the series, who almost never returned. On the other hand, the reason is not the fact that she had other projects in mind. No, if she almost didn’t come back, it’s because she was planning to end her life…

In effect, Sara Ramirez recently spoke about the difficult period that she had to overcome a few years ago. Especially because of Covid-19. The actress of Grey’s Anatomy indeed dropped:“I remember calling the national suicide prevention number for the first time”.

Before adding: “I tried to reach relatives but their phones were switched off. It was a very tough year. It all painted a picture of a world I wasn’t sure I wanted to be part of anymore.”. Very harsh words, difficult to understand.

Especially since Sara Ramirez did not stop there and continued: “I was able to accept my feelings without them completely overwhelming me and that helped me a lot. I was particularly vulnerable at the time. I needed help”.

As for the good news from Grey’s Anatomy, know that Kate Walsh, aka Addison, could return to producing ABC. No doubt many fans could be delighted with this news.

Although everyone is still hoping for a real Patrick Dempsey comeback. Unfortunately, except through flashbacks, it would seem quite difficult to find him. What about the Teen Wolf actress? Because yes, it is indeed the question of the day.

Grey's Anatomy: 'Teen Wolf' actress joins season 19!
Grey’s Anatomy: ‘Teen Wolf’ actress joins season 19!

Teen Wolf actress in Grey’s Anatomy

As we let you know above, an actress from this series could well land in the series with Ellen Pompeo. It remains to be seen whether this arrival has a link with the departure of Richard Flood or not.

No need to make you wait any longer and give the name of the actress who joins Grey’s Anatomy. We confrères of Purebreak revealing just who it was. According to our colleagues, it would be the one who played the role of Cora Hale.

Those who watched Teen Wolf but can’t remember all the characters, know that this is Derek’s sister. She also played in the series Reign, Once Upon a Time and SEAL Team. You have it, or it’s her.

Adelaide Kane has just joined Grey’s Anatomy for season 19. She will play Jules Millin, a new resident. What other info about it? The media gave precisely the answer. Especially on the origins of the character.

She would have been raised by a hippie family and should be very bossy in the series. It remains to be seen whether this will appeal to fans who will watch the new season to come. « She’s not afraid to break the rules to save a life and it can get her into trouble.”. Also unveiled ABC.


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