Grey’s Anatomy season 18: Meredith Gray disappoints fans of the series!

Grey’s Anatomy always has surprises in store for us. This time around, fans of the show are disappointed with Meredith Gray’s actions.

Since September, fans of Grey’s Anatomy can discover the episodes of the 18th season. But, some are disappointed with Meredith Gray. MCE TV shows you everything!


After three months of hiatus, Grey’s Anatomy made a comeback with a crossover episode with Station 19. A moving episode with the death of one of the heroes of the series.

On November 18, ABC aired a new episode. Meredith Gray ended up in Minnesota after his flight to Seattle was canceled.

A cancellation which meant that the surgeon could not spend Thanksgiving with her children. While her sweetheart, Dr. Nick Torres, brings her to the airport. The doctor encourages her to spend more time together, to which Meredith Gray tells her she has to go home « to be with his children« .

After her flight is canceled, she heads to a hotel where Nick joins her. She ends up spending the night with him, which disappointed a good number of fans of Grey’s Anatomy. The reactions were not long in coming …

We must not forget that since season 14, the chemistry between Meredith Gray and Nick Marsh is undeniable. As soon as actor Scott Speedman agreed to return to the series, the showrunner decided to turn the season around his character.

A confidence that suggests that Dr Nick Marsh will be Meredith Grey’s next great sweetheart. Case to follow!

No Grey’s Anatomy for his daughter!

For sixteen years, Grey’s Anatomy has delighted fans. But Ellen Pompeo revealed thatshe didn’t want to watch the show with her daughter. MCE TV tells you more!

On November 17, in her podcast, the actress revealed her reasons for not wanting to watch Grey’s Anatomy with his daughter.

While some may think that the young girl might be afraid of the scenes in the surgery rooms, her mom wouldn’t want her to watch the most daring scenes.

Ellen Pompeo refers to one scene in particular. She doesn’t want her 12 year old child to watch the daring scenes of Izzie Stevens and Denny’s ghost.

“I’m pretty sure I don’t want to have this conversation with my 12 year old, you know?” “. Her daughter will still have to wait for her mother to let her watch Grey’s Anatomy.

When she can watch the series, the girl will then have to catch up 18 seasons. And there may well be a 19th season.

The author of a book then revealed that the end would depend only on the decision of the actress. With $ 20 million earned last year, Ellen Pompeo might not be hanging up her blouse anytime soon!


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